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  1. Reddcoin(RDD) is starting to be noticed and growing fast and stable with a good comunity this last days, to bad they are under 100 satoshi so no poloniex for them until then.

  2. I think in the long run, maidsafe has the biggest potential on this list. But I think Golem will breakout big this year. It already went more than 2x in the past month, and they project brass golem to be launched ending of may early june 2017. Plus only 6 months and already at #11 in market cap. It does have a lot of tokens though, 1bill max but it already has 80% in circulation. Once the big launches start being released and go live , the demand will be to great for available Supply and price will have to go up. I only have 50,000 gnt but I think it can 10x in a year or two.

  3. Excellent picks! Possible to cover Navcoin (NAV). Looks to be very bullish to me due to the chart, fundamentals and recent segwit news. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one. thanks.

  4. Good choices, I was already in stellar, and managed to short it for a huge profit. But I'd be careful about riecoin. The intent to pump RIC was publicized by a Korean individual a few weeks ago, and he was looking for support from other traders. It will probably be dumped very, very hard at some point.

  5. Say the currency name, then give the symbol, more helpful that way. Suggest you script what you're going to say and avoid the um, um, like, ya know syndrome…thanks.

  6. Hey man. Thank you so much for helping all of us getting rich:) I wanted to ask something regarding Golem. You hear a lot of promising things about it but on the same time many are talking about iExec RLC and that it will completely crush Golem since it has a much better potential, (apparently). If you have any insights on this please let us know.

  7. Bro! i always thought about stock markets and those sort of things , kinda like a dream.
    It's a good ideia to pick some btc in those faucet games out there and trade in polinex , or the virtual currency is complete diferent from the stock markets ?

    PS.: i just want to learn those things , i'm not into big profits

    geez from brazil


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