As the holiday season comes to an end, so does the BC GAME Gingerbread Carnival which gave its players a chance to win a massive $500,000 worth of prizes!

You can read more about it in our previous article here.

What is GB Coin in the BC GAME Gingerbread Carnival?

The best crypto gaming casino brought the holiday cheer with an interesting twist for their BC Squad! BC GAME had hidden some Gingerbread for all of its players to spread the cheer this Christmas! It was hidden in the GB coins! (GingerBread Coins). A GB Coin was a token valid for the duration of the Gingerbread Carnival event. The top 50 users with the highest number of GB Coins won massive prizes!

The BC GAME Gingerbread Carnival was a huge success. The team thanks all players for participating and always supporting the BC GAME activities. 

As the event ended the list of lucky winners is out! The total amount of $500k was distributed among top 50 winners daily since the event began. 

The top 50 winners for today won prizes worth $280,000 as the event ended!

The top 10 winners are:

The BC GAME Gingerbread Carnival gave rewards worth $500K + 5 Adidas NFTs worth 5 ETH
The BC GAME Gingerbread Carnival gave rewards worth $500K + 5 Adidas NFTs worth 5 ETH

You can view the full list of winners here.

Adidas’ Big Move into NFTs

Adidas named it as the “Into the Metaverse” project.” Its debut weekend generated 11,391 Ether (ETH), worth over $43 million on OpenSea. This collection is in NFTs, with physical versions of the same items on sale.

Adidas Originals is a prominent part of the Adidas brand specializing in casual wear and heritage products. Items that fall into this field have a great aesthetic, and Adidas Originals items are chic. They fit perfectly into the NFTs mold of exclusivity and value.

Into the Metaverse is a cool name for the collection to fit into the times. The topic of a Metaverse is immense, with Facebook launching its three-dimensional internet Metaverse. Blockchain developers are keen on this implementation, with a few metaverse-themed tokens performing well.

Accordingly, Adidas Originals has unveiled their virtual wearables in the Sandbox gaming metaverse. Users can redeem related physical products from 2022.  Adidas has made a bold move in the NFT scene and will compete with its rival Nike, which has partnered with collectibles brand RTFKT. Adidas Originals had shot up to become the top trending OpenSea collection at press time.

The Adidas Originals NFT “Into The Metaverse” looks like this:

BC GAME rewards Adidas Original NFTs to Event Winners!

Not only that, BC GAME surely knows how to end it with a bang!

The top 5 winners as the event ended today also won the Adidas Original NFTs each! 

One NFT is priced at 0.9+ ETH at the time of publishing!

Top 5 Winners are:

1. Fixed Thinia – 49560 BCD + NFT
2. Creativationview – 37240 BCD + NFT
3. Vainica – 27160 BCD + NFT
4. WoofWoof – 20160BCD + NFT
5. Mamon30 – 14280 BCD + NFT

Congratulations once again to all the lucky winners during the BC GAME Gingerbread Carnival

Keep an eye out for more exciting events soon!