Gambling significantly enhances audiences’ enjoyment and supports the auto racing industry like Formula One (F1). Sports betting sites sponsor the events, enriching audience engagement with the sport. However, it’s not exactly an easy game for first-time viewers to get into. 

Start winning motorsports betting in no time with this guide to help newcomers to F1 racing and get around a sportsbook. 

F1 sports betting

Formula One is a car created only for racing, putting it at the top of all auto racing sports. You can place bets on its many possible outcomes and win real money if you get it right. There are Grand Prix series in different countries, and you can bet on all of them online. 

F1 betting markets

Betting markets are categories in a sportsbook regarding possible outcomes in a race. They are split between in-play and futures, but these distinctions only refer to whether the event is live or scheduled. On the other hand, outrights have markets regarding the ultimate outcomes of the Grand Prix and bets resolve only at the end of the series. Here are all examples of popular F1 betting markets you’ll find in a bookmaker like BC.GAME:

Race winner

The most important yet toughest bet you can make in F1 sports betting is guessing who will win the race. It’s hard to choose because you have to choose one among all 20 participants. 

Race winner by team

Each manufacturer is a team with two participants in a Formula 1 race. That means your options for betting on the race winner are halved. A team wins the race if any of their two representatives finishes as the top placer.

Podium finish 

The podium finish bet is more forgiving because you only need your chosen racer to finish as one of the top three in the race. You have a higher chance of winning than a race winner, but the payout is still high enough to make it rewarding. 

Lap 1 leader

The lap 1 leader is whoever finished the first lap of the race. Unlike race winner bets, the odds for every racer depend entirely on their pole positions. That’s why drivers starting at the front are the favourites, while every succeeding car behind them has a lower probability of winning. 

Fastest lap 

Guessing which rider can make the fastest lap is more challenging than guessing the winner because even the underdog has a shot at this feat. It’s essentially betting on which driver will complete a lap the fastest. This bet only resolves at the end of the race and will consider all laps from the first to the last. 


Every team is a head-to-head market, and you can bet on which of their two representatives will outperform each other. This market typically only has odds for a winner bet, but there will be times when other metrics are used. That includes who has the higher position in the championship standing and who has the better pole position for the next quarters. 

Pole position

Drivers qualify for the Grand Prix by participating in qualifying drives and reaching above a cutoff. You can bet on who will win or receive a certain position in these races on pole position betting markets for F1 races. 

Safety car appearance

The safety car is a vehicle with lights that drives in front of the racing crowd to slow them down. This only happens when there’s an accident or danger on the track, like debris. Bets on this usually only ask for outcomes in the form of yes or no options, and the odds are often fixed at 50-50.

Grand Prix winner

The Grand Prix winner is typically the only outright market in Formula 1 online betting. You can place your wagers at the start of the new season once the qualified participants are declared. 


Successful F1 betting strategies

F1 online betting is complex because of all the factors you must consider in a race. However, you can simplify this process by relying on strategies on how to decide where to place your stakes. Unlike betting on RTP casino games, where your chances of winning mostly rely on random chance and luck, knowledge can help you win bets in F1 racing. 

Here are some tips to help you learn more about drivers, cars, their teams, or the circuit to increase your chances of making the right wager: 

Bet on multiple drivers

Deciding on just one driver out of 20 has a low chance of winning, even if it’s on the favourite. Backing two is a significant improvement; one has odds high enough to cover the loss for the other. Likewise, you can also bet on three, four, or five more. Don’t push it to six or more, though, because spread betting can be expensive. Limit your choices to five tickets per race to enjoy your bet’s winnings. 

Listen to more than one pundit

Pundits are great contributors to online gamblers’ decisions worldwide. However, one person’s prediction of a race is not enough because other expert analysts can have different conclusions. Betting is all about understanding perspectives and the information that comes with it. That’s why listening to more than one expert can give you a clearer answer on who to bet on. 

Take note of weather forecasts

F1 racing is a dangerous sport because accidents can happen at any time. Chances of this happening increase when the tracks are wet, and visibility is low during heavy rain. In some cases, racing organisations opt to postpone events because of the weather, but if they push through, then you need to know which driver performs best in that condition. Driving through rain requires new skills, and the driver that has it is more likely to win. 

The best F1 betting tips to try

There are many F1 betting tips to win that you can learn from other veteran punters. They are still situational advice, but they work well to give you a nudge in the right direction. Here are some examples of general tips for deciding what to bet on Formula 1 and when to make that wager. Following them, you are more likely to understand probability better, helping you predict results more accurately no matter what the odds say. 

Know the drivers and teams

Every driver in the race is part of a team of two representing the same manufacturer.  Knowing them gives you hints about their limits, potential, and their affinity with all kinds of tracks. Such knowledge takes time to develop, so following their journey throughout the Grand Prix is the only way to be more familiar with them.

Keep up with the latest news and updates

Anything can happen every day leading up to the race; some can change the dynamic between drivers at the event. Stay updated to get information on the latest developments from every team’s news, blogs, and even social media pages. This knowledge can give you an idea of what to expect and plan your bets accordingly. 

Understand track specifics

Tracks all serve as racing venues, but each one is considered unique from one another. To see their differences, check out and compare the following factors between them:

  • Number of turns
  • Sharpness of each turn
  • Distance for the race
  • Indoor or outdoor

Analyse previous race results

Despite the uncertainty of results that can come from each race, drivers tend to stay within their highest and lowest rank consistently. This can last throughout their career unless they change teams or if their greatest rivals are no longer racing with them. Thus, you can mostly rely on their consistency in reaching a certain rank for the next race, as well. 

Top F1 betting mistakes to avoid

Just like in any sports betting, you can also make mistakes in Formula 1 race betting. Here are a few examples of them as well as why they are considered bad practices. Once you know them, you’d find avoiding or solving them easier before they affect your experience.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations means deciding on bets purely based on ideals. An example of this is betting on the underdog because they have the highest payout. Although possible, the probabilities are too small to consider it realistic. You can bet on the underdog to at least qualify for the Grand Prix but not to win a race as a top 3 placer, let alone a winner. Reserve your bets on these markets for drivers who have higher chances, according to analysts. 

Going off budget

Setting a budget for yourself is part of your responsibilities as a gambler. It is your resource in F1 betting, and how you distribute it in the sportsbook should be based on your chosen strategy. Any other extra wager done on a whim is bad budgeting and can lead to an unsatisfying sports betting experience. 

Betting only with your deposits

Sportsbook bonuses are ready for you to claim and use. These still pay you real cash prizes without ever touching your deposits, giving you more resources to bet and the opportunity to keep winning without spending. BC.GAME has plenty of casino bonuses, and you just need to choose which one you like best. 

How to bet on Formula 1 at BC.GAME?

BC.GAME has a simple bookmaking platform for you to use in Formula 1 sports betting. All you need to do is follow the following steps and wait for your payout:

  1. Sign in at BC.GAME. Input your account details like username and password. You can link your email address to receive promotion notifications in the future. 
  2. Make a deposit. Go to your wallet page then choose a currency you want to use. Choose one of the payment methods, then follow the instructions provided.
  3. Choose your bet. There are many markets and outcomes for you to choose from. Navigate among the list of leagues, then find the race you want to stake on. For example, if you want to bet on the Japanese Grand Prix, then you simply need to find the circuit’s name to find its scheduled events.
  4. Make your predictions based on the betting odds. The numbers written on each outcome are the odds. It tells you which one is most likely to win and the lower the chance means the higher the payout. 
  5. Place your bet. Choose one of the outcomes from any market, then go to the bet slip. Write down how much you want to wager, then click ‘place bet’. You can have more than one bet at a time as well as more than one outcome covered by the same stakes. 
  6. Monitor the race. Once you have your bet, you will be given a ticket on the outcome(s) and the size of your bet on a specific race. Watch the game, then wait for the related results to happen. Once the bet resolves, you will be given a payout immediately to your casino balance.

Bet on Formula 1 at BC.GAME

BC.GAME is a great platform for betting on F1 races. You have many options in markets for high-profile tournaments like the Japanese Grand Prix. Make a deposit now to build your account, and check out the website’s promotions page for special offers. Bonuses can give you more betting resources, allowing you to enjoy real money payouts much better.

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Formula 1 can be a complex sport for any newcomer. Asking questions is the first step to learning and eventually becoming good at it, so feel free to make some inquiries. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you get oriented. 

Can you bet on Formula 1

Yes. Formula 1 (F1) racing is one of the top sports for online betting at websites like BC.GAME. You can find it here as well as its most prestigious tournaments in the world. 

How to read F1 betting odds?

Odds are numbers that calculate your potential payout. These scale with the outcome’s chance of winning, where the option with the lowest chance pays the highest reward. Thus, you can consider it as a balance of risk and reward. 

How does betting in F1 work?

F1 works thanks to BC.GAME’s robust software recording your choices and bets. Then it uses an algorithm to payout winners based on updates on the related race, allowing you to bet and win cash in real-time. 

Where to bet on Formula 1

Despite the fact that F1 racing is so popular, it’s often considered a niche market among sportsbooks. That’s why you can only find it in the best online bookmaker like BC.GAME, which features the sport’s top tournaments around the world.

How to bet on F1 online?

You can only bet on F1 horse races online if you have an account in BC.GAME and if your balance has money in it. Sign up and deposit to be eligible for Formula 1 race betting. 

How to bet on the Japanese Grand Prix

You can bet on the Japanese Grand Prix at BC.GAME when the event is scheduled to happen soon. There will be fun markets and great odds for you to choose from once available. If you’re looking for ways to win, checking out a Japanese Grand Prix betting guide can help you raise your chances.