The governments and the financial system are once again betraying us.

The FDIC released an “emotional” video explaining why people should not withdraw their money from the banks and why people should even deposit everything in the bank. Of course it’s because only 5% of USD in existence is in the form of notes, and they would quickly have no notes left if there would be a run to the ATM. Also they simply want every dollar possible to be in the banking system right now to save the economy…

The FED announced they will “print” $6 trillion dollars, or the equivalent of $18,000 per American citizen. Only $1,000 of that will be given straight to the American adults though. Which leaves $17,000+ to help big companies not to go bankrupt… Also, $2 trillion immediate support is 5% (!!) of the current amount of USD in existence. The other $4 trillion will go to the “debt” side… Basically there is not a lot for the average Joe in this.

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