Darts is a fun game that has been around for a long time but has only recently gained popularity. The board game was founded over 720 years ago, but for most of its history, it has been overshadowed by younger sports such as baseball and hockey. The game is no longer just a pub game; it is now played professionally. The game is simple to set up and play, with simple rules. It also has a low entry cost and is entertaining to watch. Every year, millions of people play darts in the United States and Canada, far from the game’s origins.

Darts Rules

The professional level of the game is considerably different. The traditional version of the game, called 501, pits two players against one another for points. By hitting a double or bullseye with their final dart, the player who has scored 50 or less before the game finishes win. Each player gets three shots per turn. Three treble 20s are needed to reach the highest possible score of 180.

Contrary to what many people think, the dart board’s center does not have the highest score. There are three score zones and the numbers 1 through 20 on the dart board. These score zones are the single, the double, and the triple.

Darts Betting Markets

Several betting markets are available for individuals interested in placing their wagers on dart tournaments, and they include:  

  • Match Betting

In this kind of betting, bettors bet on the player that will win. On some occasions, draws are possible. Therefore it comes as another option within it.

  • Nine dart Finish

Bettors in this market predict whether any player would get a nine-dart (The minimum score required to win a leg) in a leg.

  • Leg/Set Handicap Market

Like all other sports, some players are destined to be better than others, and the same goes for darts as well. In a match, there are multiple sets that ones have to get In order to win. In this type of betting market, bookmakers, therefore, will use handicapping to bet on who they think will win.

  • Most 180s Market

It offers a straight match and lets you bet on the player you think will get the most 180s in the game, which can be achieved by hitting three treble 20s at the oche.

  • Correct Score Market

It allows the investor to predict the final sets of results in a given specific match.

Tips And Tricks To Use When Betting

It’s simple to bet on darts. Whether you are an experienced gambler or a novice, it is one of the simpler sports to understand. However, as with any other game, you must employ various strategies to attain the best results. Here is a thorough breakdown of the best darts betting advice you should always consider.

  1. Familiarize yourself first with the sport.

It will help if you have a basic understanding of darts before considering placing a bet. Understand the rules of the game and what to anticipate during each leg and set. You will have an easier time researching and placing bets if you have enough information on darts. It is also a good idea to learn standard dart terms like most 180s and nine-dart finishes. If you can, take your time to read through many darts guides to learn more about the sport.

  1. Have a betting plan and stick with it.

Some gamblers run through their savings, especially during the first few betting sessions leading to financial crisis later on. To avoid this, develop a betting plan, state your bet limits, and know the amount of money you will be comfortable losing if a bet does not work out as expected.

  1. Search best available odds.

Be patient; don’t rush. Take your time and search for the best odds possible. Compare odds from different bookies and make the best decision possible. With high odds, a higher payout is inevitable. Remember, you are playing to win.

  1. Maximize matched betting and arbitrage betting

These gambling systems are known for minimizing the chances of losing, so take advantage of them. However, do find suitable matches for them.

  1. Track darts tipsters’ professional forecasts.

Do your research, then compare your findings with experts who have done a thorough analysis. Taking notes from individuals who know the game well always helps. It also helps in sharpening your research skills.

  1. Take the small wins.

Investors are always advised to take the small wins. It will help in boosting confidence. You don’t know when the next win will come, so feel free to celebrate the small significant successes that come your way.

  1. Take the dart players’ form into consideration.

The player’s performance in the game depends heavily on how well they have prepared. To generate accurate predictions, therefore, gather sufficient information about the participants.

Like everything in the world, mistakes happen, and betting on darts is no exception. The most common mistake is gambling with your heart. Avoid this at all costs. Don’t bet on a dart player just because he’s your favorite. It rarely works and may result in a losing streak. After all, this is an emotional decision with no research or statistics to back up your player’s chances of winning the event. As a result, always take your time reviewing the circumstances and conducting your research.

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To Sum It All Up

There is no denying that playing and watching darts can be a fun activity; betting only adds to the excitement of it. While there are no guarantees in betting, these tips have undoubtedly assisted thousands of people in increasing their profitability over the years. With trusted and reliable bookmakers like BC.GAME Place your bets and win big!