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  1. wow seriously Dalin, I've been following your videos since a couple of months now and it's just incredibly impressive how accurate your predictions are. I'm really looking forward to the E-Book you're working on and learning from you!!
    Thank you so much man!

  2. Do you just always swing trade like this using charts and fib retracements, or do you also go long into some coins? Or do you do both styles? When do you know when to pull out of a coin after making profit, whats your measure.

  3. Great analysis once again man, I mostly hold ETH at the same time trade BTC with pretty much every tradeable altcoin in Kraken. Also exploring other promising altcoins on the side. Can you have a look and give your honest opinion at BitConnect, currently sitting at no. 22 on the crypto market in terms of market cap, steadily on a bull run and it has an interesting investment program I've never seen on other coins . here's my link in case you would like to sign up, . Keep growing man.

  4. For anyone wondering, I buy these coins near the first of the month and sell at the end! (all of them at the same time) just because that is the only way I could think of making a good strategy for the people to see these picks at different times. if you are trying to buy mid month look for a blood day where everyone panics, that way you can enter on one of these coins. Again I highly encourage setting up a trading plan to determine entries and exits, Please only use this as backup confirmation for the buys you were already planning. Thank you! and I appreciate all the support/comments .

  5. I just wanted to thank you because your videos have caused me to profit and to become much more interested in learning about trading, as now i see its not necessarily so esoteric and difficult as i first thought. Cheers mate!

  6. Great Channel and content… you are different in both your approach and your delivery. Keep it up. One small critique: When you are talking about charts or doing your technical analysis could you be sure to mention what time frame you are using and briefly why. It's helpful for the rest of us who are catching up and learning. Again – great work!


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