Most gamblers are familiar with Plinko after following “The Price is Right,” an entertaining television game show. The casino version of Plinko is based on the same concept and has proved to be just as popular among players who want to try their hand at crypto gambling. The rules are simple, and it is incredibly easy to play.

History, Interesting Facts, and Popularity Of The TV Show Game

Said to be one of the world’s most famous pricing games, Plinko originally hit it big on the tv show, The Price is Right. It is the most popular pricing game on the show and has been running since January 3rd, 1983. 

When the game aired on The Price is Right, it had the highest prize money on the show – a $25,000 top prize. 

Today, players can walk away with up to $50,000 and award prizes. CBS, however, host special edition events such as anniversary shows where the potential winnings are increased. Michael Stouber, the highest-ever winner, took home $262,742.97 on an episode during the show’s Big Money Week.

Interestingly, all players on the game show will be asked for their chips back by the show hosts after playing their turn.CBS has only ten official chips, which are replicas of each other. This ensures that the game is fair to everyone with an even chance at success. 

Luckily, players who want to participate in the game today don’t have to leave it to chance and hope they get selected to participate in the famous tv show. Instead, you can play wherever you are comfortable by logging onto BC.Game

What Is Plinko?

Whether you play online or in a physical casino, Plinko comprises a pyramid-styled board containing a field of pegs. These pegs map the ball’s course until it reaches the bottom. When the game starts, a ball drops from the top of the pyramid and gets deflected by the pegs. The slot determines a player’s winnings that the ball falls into when it reaches the bottom of the pyramid.

Plinko In Detail

With Plinko, players can choose one of several balls or chips. To start your gameplay, you must place a bet on one of the chips and hit the “Play” button.

Your ball will then start from the top of the pyramid and deflect off the pegs until it reaches the bottom. Once the ball reaches the bottom and settles in a slot, your winnings are determined by its payout value.

Slots at the bottom corners of the pyramid have much higher payout values, although it is difficult for your ball to reach those slots unless the pegs deflect in your favour. The slots toward the bottom centre of the pyramid have lower payout values, and your ball is more likely to be deflected into one of those.

Players can control the speed of the ball when it is dropped. This is possible by using the speed control button on the game dashboard. The tortoise in the game helps to slow down your ball while the hare speeds up the ball’s journey downwards. You can drop multiple balls in quick succession by clicking on the “Play” button simultaneously, provided you have enough casino credits.

Plinko Game Strategy

Plinko Game Strategy

Although many believe that no thought or strategy is required to play Plinko, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to the game, the main thing to keep in mind is that you must always control your bankroll by surviving your low payout sequences until the variance shifts to your advantage. As basic as it sounds to release a ball that deflects off some pegs before falling into a slot, these depend on the settings you choose before your gameplay.

You can manipulate your gameplay outcomes by varying any of the three settings available to you on the dashboard. These are the Risk Level, the Number of Rows and Pegs, and the Bet Amount. Your choice of settings will ultimately determine your success during your session.

Risk Level

When considering how to use the Risk Level option, always ascertain your personal goals in terms of profit during your gameplay. You have the options of low, medium, and high-risk strategies that each come with rewards and possibilities.

Like other casino games offering risk-level selections, the low-risk option will offer a low maximum payout potential. However, this can also be beneficial as there is less potential to lose big. This is due to fewer rows being present, which means fewer loss multipliers as obstacles.

With the high-risk option, you can get higher returns as the maximum profit potential is significantly increased. This, however, brings with it many more loss multipliers, especially in the middle rows of the pyramid.

Low- or medium-risk options are more suitable for players who typically drop fewer balls.

Conversely, those who prefer dropping more balls hoping for a big win can opt for the high-risk setting with potentially higher payouts.

Number of Pegs

You can choose anywhere from eight to sixteen pegs responsible for where your ball eventually lands. The risk setting and the number of pegs are directly related. The payout values for the rows below will change accordingly based on what option you select for each.

Bitcoin Plinko

Seasoned Plinko players will tell you that the fewer pegs you select, the fewer drops will be necessary to hit the maximum payout. Occasionally, you may drop very few balls using a higher number of pegs and still get a maximum payout. This is possible due to Plinko being provably fair and regulated by a randomised system that generates the outcome of each game.

You can switch to a sixteen-peg setting and a 1000x payout structure for those who like the thrill of the biggest of wins. In cases like this, a 0,0001 ball drop can earn you an incredible 1 Bitcoin if your ball lands on a maximum payout slot with 16 pegs.

Bet Amount

The bet amount will depend on your bankroll and how you wish to manage it. You should, therefore, take great consideration when deciding how you would like to structure your bets.

It is highly recommended that you have enough of a bankroll to navigate through sequences of low payouts. Although this may be frustrating, persistence can be a good thing and will be all the more satisfying when you eventually strike it lucky with the big win.

It is possible to make a decent profit by targeting pegs to the left or right of the pyramid instead of straight down the centre. If this is done with a 1000x option when selecting a sixteen-peg difficulty on a high-risk strategy, you can manage a 130x payout on the second to last pins.

You still make healthy profits despite not hitting a maximum payout. If your bankroll allows, it is a great strategy to employ and may help prolong your gameplay.


Mechanics Of The Game

One of the best things about playing Plinko is its uniqueness compared to every other casino game. The results are generated based on the trajectory a dropped ball takes, and its final destination is based on strategically placed pegs.

Every horizontal level on the Plinko pyramid produces a left or right swing, which translates to the visual path your ball travels in.

Mechanics Of The Game

Concerning your gameplay, your ball would need to travel in an all-left or all-right path to get a maximum payout. The ball can travel as if it does more than one left or right swing for each horizontal level.

Since the ball can only travel in two directions, your results and subsequent winnings are calculated by multiplying each float by two, as these mirror your payouts on either side of the Plinko board.

Your outcome is generated using a provably fair system with a random number generator. This ensures that your gameplay session is fair and transparent.

Great Tips For Effective Plinko Gameplay

It is wise to drop the ball through the sides as this gives your ball a better chance of landing on a high payout slot.

You can also try to drop your ball a few spaces off-centre as the ball doesn’t fall in a straight line, and you may get fortunate deflections into a high payout slot.

Moreover, Try switching the number of pegs to ensure that your ball drops into slots at the bottom corners of the pyramid, where payouts are higher.

Bitcoin Plinko Pros and Cons

Playing Plinko at a Bitcoin casino comes with many fantastic advantages. Below, we weigh up the pros and cons of playing Plinko online.

Pros Of Gambling Online


  • Players can make quicker deposits.
  • Players can withdraw without incurring bank charges.
  • Bitcoin casinos offer players amazing bonuses and promotions to give them greater chances of winning.
  • Online casinos usually don’t charge processing fees when using Bitcoin.
  • Players have the opportunity to enter live games and tournaments with great jackpots on offer.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are instantaneous, making it possible to receive payments quickly instead of waiting for days for bank transfers through traditional banking systems.
  • Bitcoin casinos offer the highest level of security, so you can be sure your information is protected. You can conceal your identity, even if you win big.
  • Bitcoin Plinko gamblers are not taxed on their winnings at the casino. They will, however, be responsible for paying their taxes in terms of their local laws.
  • Plinko players at Bitcoin casinos can be assured that all transactions are private and will not appear on bank records.
  • Bitcoin Plinko employs provably fair technology that guarantees you will enjoy a fair gaming experience.


  • Players must register at a Bitcoin casino before playing any casino game. This may be detrimental to players from countries where the services of their casino of choice are unavailable.
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be volatile and have the ability to lose their value within a short space of time. This can affect the value of a player’s winnings adversely.
  • Bitcoin Plinko players usually have to operate with lower bet amounts.
  • Very few Bitcoin casinos offer Plinko, with BC.Game being one of them.
  • Bitcoin Plinko cannot be enjoyed in countries where bitcoin casinos are prohibited.

Online Plinko Handy Features

Players who love Bitcoin Plinko have their every need catered to, and there are some handy features available on the dashboard for those who enjoy long gaming sessions.

Auto Mode

Auto mode is helpful as it lets you preset the number of balls you want to drop for each round. It prevents you from clicking manually after each round and will automatically stop once the specified number of rounds has elapsed.

If you want the ball to drop continuously, you can set the Auto Mode number to 0. Using the continuous setting is not recommended, as your bankroll can deplete when you are on a bad run.

Plinko Online

Hot Keys

Hotkeys are handy when it comes to placing bets more quickly. Instead of manually clicking your mouse on the “Play” button to start a new round, you can use one of the specified hotkeys for a more streamlined gaming experience.

The Bottom Line

With Bitcoin casinos becoming increasingly popular, gamblers who transact in cryptocurrency flock to casinos in the hope of increasing their bankroll. Plinko is one of the easiest games to play at a Bitcoin casino and one that gamblers often play for entertainment and profit. It doesn’t involve complex strategies and offers great entertainment with attractive odds.

While traditional Plinko is fantastic, playing the Bitcoin edition offers players bonuses and promotions while playing in a discrete and secure environment. Good luck, and have fun!