NFTs are the perfect example of the potential of digital incorporation in one’s day-to-day life, finances, and assets. As the latest NFT trend grows, more and more tech enthusiasts have incorporated the digital asset into popular online activities, like gambling and gaming, which has led to the creation of NFT games.  

Like with cryptocurrency, NFTs and gaming go hand in hand. Ther offer more rewarding opportunities, big thrills, and advanced software. These are a great examples of the dynamic experience the duo presents. 

NFT games are a climbing trend in the industry, becoming a hugely popular way for people in the game-fi world to earn an income. 

What Are NFT Games

Since the start, the industry has been fast-paced, and the current biggest NFT craze is the games. This allows developers to integrate NFTs into their rules, mechanisms, and player interactions. 

More crypto casinos have started to catch on as the trend picks up. What’s the difference between crypto and NFT games, you may be wondering? The answer is that the token used is entirely unique and completely irreplaceable. Digital assets were first introduced with cryptocurrency integration, and this advancement has taken it one step further.  

This step has allowed the gambling industry to approach a larger demographic and diversify the gambling games’ features and software capabilities. While doing so, NFT games can narrow the target market with specific themes and exciting cash prizes. 

NFT Games for Android and iOS

Just like casino games can be played on desktop and mobile, so can NFT games, and we will explain why. NFT games are considered to play two earns, which ups one’s chances of earning money online through a passive income. 

With the market growing, the number of NFT games for android and iOS is definitely expanding, incorporating a more varied variety of themes and ways to win to attract a larger group of players. 

With NFT games’ ability to allow players to play to earn adds a level of attraction that isn’t provided by other casino games. NFTs are still reasonably new and exciting. Every inch of growth shown by the market presents opportunities to the players and the providers, which possibilities for sites like BC GAME to jump on board. 

Upcoming Cryptocurrency NFT Games Launching in 2022

NFTs have been a hot topic for a couple of months now, and that craze doesn’t look like it is slowing down any time soon. As you may have caught on, the latest craze is gaming, with the chance to pocket cash prizes around every turn. 

In 2022 we expect the market to boom, with new NFT games released on a regular basis. With so much activity in the space, we wouldn’t even be surprised if we made the magic happen here at BC GAME and released our very own NFT games. Keep an eye out because you never know what could happen! 

NFT Games Launching in 2022.

New Games In 2022 To Play


As the name suggests, this NFT game is all about kicking it up a gear and driving to earn online. What makes it different from other racing games is that it requires players to collect tickets to progress. Fast track your winnings, and give this game a shot! 

The Nemesis

Nemesis is one of the most revolutionary games on the market, offering MFT accessible and no encryption. Nemesis is centered around a character and a mini map, filled with action around every turn. 


Shootgun is one of the most fast-paced games in the industry. The game is a competitive online multiplayer first-person shooter game that has incorporated NFTs seamlessly and successfully. 

Thetan Arena

Rack up the reward while ranking up in this NFT game adventure. Thetan Area, where one can play against different players and up the level of competition. 

Crypto Shooter

It seems to be that the most popular online games often involve racing, shooting, or sports. In the case of Crypto shooter, you know exactly what it offers. This NFT game is a modern take on the classic fast-paced shooter gameplay. 

Bigger Balances And BC GAME 

Shoot your shot and come out on top by trying out all the best games of 2022. Make sure to stick around because BC GAME has plenty planned. From more game options to the improved crypto selection, BC GAME has some big things coming this year! 

Before diving right in, dabble in the NFT offerings, and enjoy a new age of assets, wealth, and returns. Sign up With BC GAME today and get the first access to all the big upgrades coming your way!