You’ve probably already accessed a web page where the domain of a site was indicated by .com or .net, haven’t you? But do you know the difference between them?

This is a big question for most of our customers when registering a domain. International domains, known only as .com, .net, .org, and a multitude of International TLDs (Top Level Domains), lead customers not to know which one to choose to use on their site.

In practice, there are no differences in the aspect of technology or performance, the National domains (,, and others ending in .au) are only indicative of location (Australia), just as each country has its ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).


What are domain extensions?

Let’s go! It is important to clarify that this is only a termination to indicate something, however, the acquisition of a TLD is around 3 digits of thousands of dollars, which would be unfeasible for each one to have their own, such as (see! This one wouldn’t have a .com…, the termination would be “company”).

Well, it would be interesting, however, it is not a solution for everyone, although some banks and large stores are already using their own domains (TLDs).

An influence we have on international domains would be in the case of SEO optimization because, in the Google Webmaster Tools tool, it is indicated to inform the country in which this domain wants to index, Google Australia? USA? Anyway.

In the national domains or with terminations of that country, this information is not necessary because it is understood that a site ending in .au must be related to Australia, a .ar to Argentina, and so on.

Make it easy for your visitors, that is, here, everyone has the habit of accessing a site through the most common TLD,, however, if you sympathize with an international TLD, it would be interesting to consider having both, and one would redirect to the other.

What does .io mean?

The domain .io has become increasingly popular, especially among technology startups. In general, this TLD is attributed to the British Indian Ocean Territory, a small island in southern India – which houses a U.S. military base. The domain .io has become popular in recent years, but not because of the location to which it belongs.

Before we cover all the details about how and why the domain extension .io has become so popular among technology startups, it is crucial to understand how the creation of more than 1,500 new domains has reformulated the world of domain records in general and how companies continue to find new creative ways to no longer depend on domains. COM when looking for the right domain for your brand.

The domains .io are recognizable and adopted by technology communities and startups – Using a domain .io can be a good way to identify you or your company as part of the technological scenario.

One of the first domains .io to be registered for a purpose other than geographical identity was Levi Strauss in 1998. Levi’s has always exceeded the limits in terms of marketing, and it is a fact that they have been a huge success.

Why do tech sites use .io?

In the digital age, the domain used brings a certain weight to your personality as a website owner, similar to the watch you wear or your favorite sneaker brand. It is rare to find someone who has not yet heard of domain registration .io.

In recent years, .io has become synonymous with technology, games, and startups. The main reason for this – in computer science, “io” is commonly used as an abbreviation of Input/Output. When buying a domain .io, you already instantly indicate to anyone that your site is something technological. It’s a great marketing move that costs very little but has a big impact.

At the end of the post, you will definitely know more about the domain .io and its advantages. In addition, there is a great chance that you will register a domain .io for your project.

Comparison of .com and .io Domain Extensions

.com and .io are both top-level domains. This means that they both belong to the highest level of the internet domain hierarchy.

A domain extension is an important factor for a website’s SEO. Since both .com and .io are treated as generic TLDs, you’ll enjoy the same SEO benefits no matter which one you choose.

So, a .io site can rank higher than its .com counterpart if it uses better SEO strategies. Next, let’s look at the other factors to compare the two.



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