Dota 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game popular in esports. Despite new and trendy games that keep coming out in the market, it continues to reign as one of the most prominent games in the esports betting industry alongside League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  

Starting as a custom game for Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft III, many players have become well acquainted with its rewarding and strategic gameplay. This led to Dota 2’s success of having a million-dollar thriving professional scene.

With online betting becoming more popular, more people are looking into the potential of winning big at Dota 2 esports betting. This Dota 2 betting guide from BC.GAME will teach you a lot about the opportunities you can win if you play your cards right. 

What is Dota 2 esports?

Dota 2 is a popular online video game with two teams of five players engaged in a 5vs5 PVP. As a multiplayer game, teams must destroy the opposing side’s main structure. 

The game has seen the greatness of countless teams and players. Some of the most prominent and successful teams in this esports are OG, Team Liquid, and PSG.LGD. The teams mentioned cemented their name in the esports industry due to their excellent performances in various esport tournaments, especially in The International (TI), the most prestigious tournament of the esport. 

There are many esports events every year that you should watch out for if you want to bet on Dota 2 regularly. Top tournaments with substantial prize pools include the ESL One, PGL Major, and Intel Extreme Masters. These are events you shouldn’t miss for your esports Dota 2 betting. 

How does betting work in Dota 2?

Another big reason betting on Dota 2 has become a popular activity is that it is accessible. Through an online sportsbook like BC.GAME, you can start betting on different matches, both ongoing and future events. Looking into the performance of teams and players in past tournaments will give you an idea of how they will fare in future games.

With this MOBA game, you can explore what the BC.GAME esports betting section offers. To get started, you must create an account and deposit your desired amount to bet with. 

Types of Dota 2 bets

You can diversify your wagers with the different types of Dota 2 bets with various markets you can find for a certain match. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for live betting or bet on games that are set to happen in the future. 


Moneyline bets are one of the most simple and popular types of Dota 2 bets. All you have to do is to pick a team to win the match. The possibility of a draw in any esport title is quite low since a series between teams is always at a best-of-three or a best-of-five.


Totals is a Dota 2 bet where you predict a score based on a parameter set by the sportsbook. You can wager on a particular number of kills during a game, and you’ll win if the aggregate kill total for both sides is at least as high as your initial bet.

The total number of creep, courier, and even Roshan kills also count. These are available at sportsbooks like BC.GAME, which provides a plethora of markets you can bet on.


In Dota 2, spreads show the difference between the predicted final scores of two teams in any particular encounter. The main goal of this kind of betting is to predict which team will beat the spread that the bookmaker has set.


As the name suggests, future betting in Dota 2 will allow bettors to wager on an event in the future of a certain tournament. This type of bet requires in-depth research on who will come out as the top player, who has the most skills, and which team wins in a certain series. Future betting typically is opened weeks or months before the actual event.

Proposition bets/Prop bets

Proposition bets or prop bets are wagers on a specific occurrence in a game. In the case of Dota 2, there are various types, including which player gets first blood, the team who gets first Roshan, the player who will score the most kills and many more.


What are Dota 2 special bets?

Dota 2 special bets are prop bets, as discussed. If you want to profit more from a match, placing side bets on these is best. Here are some you can expect to encounter:

  • First Blood – One of the most popular ones is first blood. You simply have to bet on which player you think will secure the first kill in the match. Getting first blood in Dota 2 is crucial. In addition to giving the player dibs on the first money of the match, it also causes the dead player to waste a lot of time respawning and returning to their lane. 
  • First Roshan – Another special bet is first Roshan. This powerful neutral creep is located in the middle section of the river. If the team successfully kills Roshan, they will receive a crucial resurrection tome called the Aegis of the Immortal. Similar to the first kill special bet, all you have to do is to choose the team you believe will take the first Roshan of the game. 
  • Race to kills – This is another special bet that requires deep knowledge of the players participating in the match. This is a bet on who will reach the specified amount of kills first. Looking into the backgrounds of each player’s performance can help you win this bet proficiently. 
  • Maps betting – Finally, maps betting is another special bet to consider. Since Dota 2 betting matches typically take on a best-of-three format, teams must win two maps to claim victory against the opposing. The map winner market lets you choose the team you believe will win a specific map instead of picking the side you believe will win the whole match.

Dota 2 betting tips: Strategise for larger rewards

Nothing is certain when betting on esports. This is why following known and tested Dota 2 betting tips is crucial. Employing strategies and following professional tips and tricks may help you make smarter and better predictions and decisions. Doing research can increase your odds of winning and minimise your losses at the same time. Here are some you can try out:

Setting a budget

Perhaps the best advice you can get from a seasoned bettor is to allot a budget for making wagers. Thanks to this, you can avoid losing all of your money at once. Establishing a budget will assist you with portion management and self-control training. Moreover, this is true for all types of gambling, not just esports betting.

Know the teams and players 

It’s time to select a squad that will help you make money now that you have a game you want to focus on. To predict how a squad will play in upcoming games, learn more about them and their performance. Your choice of whether to wager on them will be heavily influenced by the knowledge you get as a result of doing this.

Much of what you can discover comes from seeing them compete in real tournaments and games.

Consider factors surrounding players and teams

In addition to keeping an eye on how teams and players are doing, you may also consider certain factors or underlying issues that may help them win or can affect their chances of winning. Take a look at winning or losing streaks and team lineups. You can easily find this information by looking at news sites or following a particular social media team. 

These are essential for increasing your chances of winning. Even the tiniest of these variables can impact the results of your wagers.

Dota 2 betting odds

Knowing how to read Dota 2 betting odds is essential to the experience. Understanding how odds work lets you determine whether you’ll get good numbers out of a bet. Before placing your bets, know a game’s pre-match odds or live betting odds. Here is a quick rundown on both:

  1. Pre-match odds – Pre-match odds are simply the probability of a team winning before the game even starts. The odds may change due to several factors, including game results before the specific match you’re betting on. 
  2. Live betting odds – These are calculated based on what’s happening in the game as it unfolds. Expect live betting odds to change more drastically compared to pre-match odds. 

Betting websites such as BC.GAME make your life easier by laying out the odds for you. Most sites offer different formats for bettors to choose from. All you have to do is to pick the preferred odds format you are most comfortable with. Since there are numerous odds formats, here are the two most popular ones you need to know:

  • Decimal odds uses the decimal odds format and is a direct way of finding out how much your winnings are. Decimal odds show your gains based on a $1 bet. Simply put, a market with 2.23 odds will give you $2.23 from a $1 bet.
  • Fractional odds format is written in fractions. This odds format is a ratio of the amount to the initial bet. The numerator determines how many of the bookies expect relevant outcomes to fail. The denominator, on the other hand, determines how many times an outcome is expected to succeed. 

Betting on Dota 2 games at BC.GAME

Betting on Dota 2 is easy, thanks to sportsbooks such as BC.GAME and its offers. You can also count on their competitive odds, which can help you gauge the probability of winning your bets. To get started, all you have to do is create an account on their site. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Simply enter your username and password. Right after setting up your account, you can choose a 2-factor authentication option for added security. 
  2. An email with a verification link will be sent to you. Click the link to verify your account to get started immediately.
  3. Deposit the desired amount you want to use for your wagers. Keep in mind your bankroll when doing this.
  4. Go to BC.GAME’s sports page and seek out the esports section, where you can find markets for Dota 2 games.

To maximise your chances of winning, take advantage of the rewards,  bonuses and promotions coming your way. In fact, when you sign up for the site, you can claim the site’s welcome bonus. This is a reward for new players at BC.GAME to enjoy. 

Watch Dota 2 tournaments and place your match wagers at BC.GAME

When Dota 2 online betting, always employ a strategy or approach to your bets. Going in blindly and relying on your gut feeling isn’t the best idea. By researching the teams participating, you can make sound decisions that will be the key to winning huge rewards.


Where can I bet on Dota 2?

BC.GAME is the ideal Dota 2 betting platform. You can count on them to offer the best markets and odds that will help you win bigger prizes. Aside from that, you can also try playing the best casino games if you want to take a break from esports betting. 

How to bet on Dota 2 with BC.GAME?

To bet on Dota 2 with BC.GAME, you must create an account and deposit the amount you wish to bet with. From there, you can bet on the different markets the site offers.

How do you bet on a Dota 2 match?

Betting on a Dota 2 match is easy. Look for the specific game you want to bet on and place your wager on the market of your liking. Before you place a bet, ensure you are backed up with proper research on the team or player you’re rooting for.