With the crypto market recently reaching unprecedented levels and new investors flocking in, opportunities within the space are flooding. Crypto jobs sites now store thousands of work opportunities, and more people can find a crypto job through these platforms.

For crypto believers, there is no better way to play your favourite crypto casino or get payments than these digital assets. Below, we’ll look into ten sites currently supporting crypto payments for work done. 

Why Accept Crypto As A Payment/Salary?

Since the pandemic, cryptocurrencies have taken off exponentially. Now, there is an ever-increasing demand for crypto services globally. This led to a glut of blockchain and crypto-related jobs and created a demand for crypto payments. Crypto salaries are now popular among freelancers, contractors, companies, and employees across various industries. 

This may, in part, be easier to do. Thanks to the Metaverse and Web 3.0 for gaining traction with each passing day. The efficient and seamless integration of innovative contract technology is immensely valuable for transacting across industries, saving time and money. Despite the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and regulatory issues, many are still bullish on the crypto market. 

Things To Consider Before Applying For Work On Crypto Job Sites

If you are considering turning to the digital asset space to earn a living, here are some tips to make your experience a little easier. 

Learn To Trade In Digital Assets

Do this cautiously with funds that you can afford to lose. This will help you to understand the inherent volatility of the market. You should sign up and use different crypto-based platforms to understand their similarities and differences.

Open A Crypto Wallet

Opening a crypto wallet is also a great idea as you can familiarise yourself with Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering processes in the crypto industry. 

Stay Up-To-Date With Industry News

As a person who wants crypto as payment for his/her services, keeping up with the latest crypto news and current matters is always a great strategy. 

For example, Twitter has a significant influence on the market. Elon Musk publishes tweets that sway the market. Twitter is also a good platform as it provides an opportunity to interact with other crypto holders and users in the market. You also get the chance to learn more crypto-native terminologies as you explore the space. 

Popular Industries That Advertise On Crypto Job Sites

Many industries advertise work on crypto job sites. You can expect to find roles in blockchain development, journalism, venture capital, mining, and more. Let’s look at these in a bit more detail.

Crypto Jobs
Crypto Jobs

Blockchain Development

The blockchain is the backbone of many cryptocurrencies. People with excellent C++, C#, GO, JavaScript, and Python knowledge will find many opportunities in crypto job platforms. Unsurprisingly, many roles are available for skilled software and full-stack developers.  


Those with strong writing abilities and excellent crypto knowledge will flourish in a journalistic capacity – keeping the world informed of the latest industry developments. If you want to get into crypto journalism, you can complete some crypto-focused certifications or courses to help with your applications.

There’s a market for other types of journalists, too, as crypto payments can easily cross borders. 

Venture Capital

Venture capital firms support most crypto startups to fund their initial operation. People with deep knowledge of economics and financial modelling and an entrepreneurial spirit will flourish in this sector.


Crypto mining is for tech-savvy individuals who prefer a more hands-on approach to contributing to the crypto ecosystem. People with a good understanding of electrical and computing systems and great engineering ability will do well with these jobs. 

Typical roles at crypto job sites include electricians, mining process engineers, and data centre technicians.

Top Crypto Job Sites To Try

Now that we covered our bases let’s dive into some of the best crypto job sites.

1. Angel.co

Angel.co doubles up as a startup community and a crypto job site with exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain opportunities for developers, designers, and software engineers. 

One nice feature on this platform is that applicants can view average salaries and equity benefits for each position – particularly helpful if you are exploring crypto jobs for the first time and crossing over from the traditional workplace. 

Both full-time office-based and remote opportunities are available on this platform.

2. BlockAce.io

This crypto job site is another fantastic option for job seekers entering the crypto industry. 

The user interface is straightforward, and jobs can be found through the interactive portal. Applicants have the option of narrowing their search to remote-only positions. They will notice many prominent employers, such as Kraken, IBM, and Ripple, looking for quality talent on this platform.

3. Blockew

Blockew takes a different angle when it comes to recruitment. This platform is for applicants who are new to the concept of crypto jobs. Instead of searching through a portal for suitable jobs, applicants merely post their resumes on the platform. Employers then check the resumes for possible candidates. Not all jobs are here, so employers look for potential people even though there is no job opening. 

4. Coinality

Coinality is a platform that focuses on paying applicants in either Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Bitcoin. They do not advertise jobs that pay in fiat currencies. This website is home to many crypto-based jobs, including one-time projects, full-time positions, and remote jobs. 

Typical jobs include web development roles for blockchain startups and crypto copywriters.


5. Cryptocurrency Jobs

This platform focuses on people with skills related to frontend, backend, and full-stack development. Applicants can register on this crypto job site before beginning their search. Search options include job type and category, and budding applicants can sign up for the nifty job alert feature that notifies them when suitable jobs are advertised.

There are job list categories, such as by company, location, or remote. Applicants can choose their preferred fields or roles.  

The nice thing about this crypto job site is that it tells you when a specific role was listed. This is rather helpful as some companies negligently leave their ads active after a position has been filled and prevent applicants from going through a lengthy application process in vain.

6. CryptoJobs

CryptoJobs is the number one platform for blockchain-based jobs, with over 1,500 jobs currently being advertised at the time of writing. If you want to get paid in crypto, you are spoilt for choice with jobs featuring customer support, copywriting, design, marketing, and software development.

Many roles are based remotely, and some are freelance – meaning you can hold multiple crypto-paying jobs simultaneously. 

The platform is straightforward, and the application process is relatively easy. Employers list jobs, and you must register and upload your CV before sending your application through.

The website has a handy filter that allows you to filter jobs tailor-made to your skills and credentials. The homepage has featured jobs on offer, and you can also sign up for a newsletter that informs you of the latest jobs on offer, giving you a headstart over other prospective candidates.

7. CryptoRecruit

CryptoRecruit is a recruitment agency that specialises in blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs. Their platform includes a comprehensive list of in-demand vacancies, such as software developers, IT infrastructure specialists, social media gurus, and customer service officers.

Applicants can choose to search exclusively for remote-based jobs and are also able to select their preferred locations. The interface is very easy to use and allows applicants to view crypto jobs on offer by keywords and specialisation, allowing them to tailor their searches to their precise credentials.

Although most jobs are full-time, this platform resembles a traditional online job board that many are familiar with. There are some limitations to this crypto job site, as no African countries are listed for full-time in-office roles.


8. Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List is another big player in the crypto job market, with over 1,000 vacancies listed at the time of writing. Most advertised roles include blockchain developers, software engineers, and technical leads. 

Community management and marketing roles are also advertised for those not so technically gifted, while others may be inclined to apply for brand ambassador roles.

The platform is a search engine for crypto-related jobs and is highly intuitive. It has a tracker that picks up your location and refines your search to where you are located. You can broaden your search parameters if you want to venture further out.

Before beginning your job search, you must register on the website and log in. If you have identified a suitable role, a simple click on that job title will direct you to a page with specific information about that job. 

The nice thing about this platform is that previous application case studies are available so that you can check out the process and their experience.

10. Ethlance

Ethlance is an extremely popular crypto job board committed to the cause – it even operates on Ethereum. 

Applicants will need a MetaMask wallet to sign in on the platform, which mostly advertises for freelance gigs. Those looking to explore working in the crypto industry often start with freelance work to gauge whether they like it. This makes Ethlance perfect for their needs.

By finding work on Ethlance, you can integrate with Ethereum and get paid with ETH into your MetaMask wallet once you start raking in some quality freelance gigs. All payment is made through this platform and is strictly in crypto. 

Ethlance does charge a small service fee for running transactions and contracts – a small price to pay for the convenience and high levels of security.

11. LinkedIn

Most job seekers are familiar with LinkedIn as they have used it at some point in their life to see what’s available on the market.  

What many people don’t realise, however, is that there is an abundance of blockchain and cryptocurrency-paying jobs advertised on the platform as well. Roles such as full-stack engineers, product and communications managers, and crypto copywriters are featured on LinkedIn.

Being one of the most established recruitment platforms, hundreds of new crypto-paying jobs are advertised each day, most quickly getting filled due to the high demand. 

The search capabilities on LinkedIn are slightly restricted and cannot be tailored, unlike the other crypto job sites. If you see a job ad of interest, you need to open that listing to see if your skills and credentials match the job requirements. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have ten fantastic crypto job sites to get you on your way to landing your dream job that pays you in crypto. Make sure to update your resume before applying – good luck!