As much of the world is transfixed on the soccer world cup in Qatar, thousands of programmers are taking stock of the just concluded Asian Cyber Games. BC.GAME is a hub for cyber games betting, of which the Asia Cyber Games are a significant component.

Electronic sports have grown tremendously over the past two decades. Advances in graphics and game development won the hearts of millions of computer geeks. What’s new in the past few years is the growth of gaming event streaming through media like Twitch. This has brought betting markets like sports betting to casual enthusiasts. Online e-sports are now getting a seat on the high sports table. 

Asia Cyber World Cup

What are cyber games? 

Traditional sports usually entail talented athletes undertaking physically demanding activities in a competitive format. Esports athletes don’t necessarily rely on their physical might though the games have some exertion when played for extended periods. These athletes must have skill in playing the games with other qualities like fast execution and the ability to think fast, providing the extra edge. For electronic games, it is great to play the game for thousands of hours and to know the gameplay inside and out. 

Cyber games are international esports competitions with hundreds or thousands of athletes. The World Cyber Games is arguably the most notable international esports competition, featuring esports athletes from many continents. Given these events’ hype, tech companies use them as a marketing bonanza. Accordingly, some companies sponsor their teams for the World or Asian Cyber games to this end. 

Players with a background in gaming have a head start in turning pro. Popular franchises like League of Legends and CSGO are great practice opportunities and regularly feature in tournaments. For audiences tuning in via stream, it is easy to relate if you are a fan of these games. Therefore, players usually bring years of experience in gaming, even if they are just in their early 20s.

The 2022 Asia Cyber World Cup

Gamers from the South Asian region bore it out at the just concluded Asia Cyber Games. The tournament kicked off on September 22nd, 2022, ending on October 14th. Some teams got a direct invite to the tournament based on their past track record, while others had to earn their spot. 

The first edition of the Asia Cyber Games was in 2014. It aimed for the best teams in South East Asia with a total prize pool of $7,200. In 2022, the prize pool has grown to $30,000. This amount may not be as significant as the World Cyber Games, but it still represents growth for the sector. Malaysian team Eternity emerged victorious and won the $15,000 prize. Positive Vibes (PV) of China emerged as the runners-up, while Summit, also of Malaysia, came third.

Eternity has had a pretty good 2022 overall. The team has entered multiple tournaments winning $24,000. This amount may sound rather modest, but it is significant for gamers who are primarily young and have other interests besides their gaming activity. Eternity has spent most of the year ranked among the top twenty teams in South East Asia and Oceania. This region is arguably the most competitive globally, with teams from South Korea, China, Singapore, and similar countries providing stiff competition. 

The World Cyber Games 

The World Cyber Games loosely follows the format of the Olympics, with an official opening ceremony and awarding of medals to winning players. This is an annual event in different cities. During the Covid Pandemic, the 2020 edition received over 600 million views, making it a truly global tournament. 

This growth is typical of broader gaming trends. Games like Fortnite have a cult following, with esports tournaments around such franchises generating millions. International Cyber Marketing CEO Yooseop Oh was instrumental in creating the Cyber Games, with Samsung providing crucial funding. Teams from participating countries qualify through regional events to determine players best placed to represent them at the World Cyber Games. The events are held in arenas or venues that allow for spectators. That said, millions of fans streaming the event online are the bigger audience.

The World Cyber Games provides a marketing opportunity for sponsors like Samsung, who can set up demonstration stalls during the event and market within the venue and to streamers. It also unlocks a new marketing demographic because predominantly young gamers don’t consume many traditional advertising streams such as television. 

Since 2000, this event has grown in stature. South Korea is a strong player in the organization and marketing of World Cyber Gamers. In the inaugural edition, teams from 17 countries competed in FIFA 2000 and Age of Empire II. The games were canceled due to organizational differences.

Asia Cyber World Cup

Bet on Cyber Games on BC.GAME

Sports betting enthusiasts will be flattered to know of the growth of the World Cyber Games. These are computer and video games played on massive screens with live audiences and millions of streamers. 

BC.GAME and other online betting platforms are now recognizing the growth of online cybergaming. Betting on the participating teams requires close attention to their participation trends and prowess with particular games. This sport is more complex to follow than traditional sports, with more detailed rules, a marketing presence, and extensive online analytical information. Betting on Asian or World Cyber games will be easier for esports enthusiasts in general, with a bias for following specific events and teams.