Over time, the online gambling industry has seen an influx of crypto casinos into the digital space. These casinos offer players a more transparent and fair gaming experience, and of course, allow them to transact with their hard-earned crypto.

Of course, there are so many casino websites out there now, so how do you know which is the best crypto casino to gamble at? Well, gamblers should consider factors such as security, customer support, game variety, banking options, bonuses and features, casino house edge, and anonymity, among other things.

Read on as we explore what to look out for in your next online gaming house. We will also show you how BC.Game measures up to all the points we talk about. When it comes to transacting with your digital assets, it’s absolutely worth knowing your stuff!

10 Things To Look Out For In The Best Crypto Casino

1. Overall Platform Security

When looking for the best crypto casino, it is extremely important to find one that has stringent security measures in place to protect users.

When players gamble online, their funds can be at risk if the website or platform is not adequately secured against hackers and malicious threats. This is where they should be on the lookout for signs that they are protected. Top-rated crypto casinos employ SSL encryption technologies with rigorous safety protocols.

As an added level of security, players should be able to store their funds in cold wallets that are isolated from the casino website, which makes access by hackers more difficult.

How does BC.Game measure up?  The casino uses highly secure two-step verification protocols. It also employs a hash algorithm that can trace every single transaction on the website. Overall, this makes it incredibly hard for hackers to manipulate transactions for devious purposes.

2. Customer Support On Offer

Crypto casino players expect reliable and efficient customer support that makes for a positive online gambling experience. They feel at ease knowing that the best crypto casino is available to attend to any queries or concerns they have in an instant. As a result, top-rated casinos offer round-the-clock support to their patrons. It’s a feature that keeps players happy and willing to return to the casino.

What To Look For In A Crypto Casino

How does BC.Game measure up?  The casino offers incredible customer support to its players. A dedicated customer department is available on live chat 24/7 to attend to all types of customer queries and concerns instantly.

On top of that, the platform also offers amazing self-service customer support. It has a comprehensive FAQ section, which enables players to solve their queries quickly and independently.

3. Casino Game Variety

Although traditional online casinos are far greater in number than their crypto counterparts, the variety of games available at the latter are quite impressive. Despite being the newer kids on the block, the developers have been busy, and players will find that there is no shortage of interesting games to play – it’s simply a case of finding the best crypto casino to play at!

Not only do these platforms offer games that cannot be found elsewhere, but many of the games offer more attractive house edges and Return to Player percentages when compared to traditional online casinos.

How does BC.Game measure up?  It provides a superb variety of casino games to suit the tastes of all kinds of gamblers. The selection includes:

The games are renowned for their excellent processing speeds, which make it enjoyable for the gameplay.

When compared to other online BTC and crypto casinos, BC.Game’s house edge starts as low as 0.48%, with an incredible average of 1% house edge. All the games are powered by ethereum smart contracts and provably fair. It’s an assurance against transparency, fairness, and reliable outcomes.

BC’s casino offering consists mostly of proprietary games, which adds to the unique and refreshing experience of the platform. It means that most of their games are created in-house instead of being bought from third-party software developers. That said, a few games are sourced through SoftGamings, a highly reputable casino software developer.

4. Banking Options Available

Crypto casinos offer transactions in any number of cryptocurrencies and sometimes fiat currencies. Transacting in crypto is great for players as transactions are processed nearly instantly. It means that the players do not have to wait to access their winnings or for a deposit to reflect.

Banking At A Bitcoin Casino

Of course, digital currencies are regulated in some parts of the world, as are online casinos. Some casinos also only focus on, say, bitcoin or a limited number of cryptos. Depending on what currency you hold as a player, this can factor into your choice of the best crypto casino.

There is also the added layer of security and verification around transacting in crypto. There are no links to a person’s identity, bank accounts, or personal information. If the casino transactions are powered by the blockchain, then they are highly encrypted, digital, and have to go through rigid verifications.

How does BC.Game measure up?  Naturally, BC.Game offers gamblers a fantastic selection of cryptocurrencies to transact in on the platform, including:

  • Litecoin
  • Stellar
  • DogeCoin
  • Satoshi
  • Ripple
  • USD Coin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Multi-Collateral DAI
  • Netbox Coin
  • amongst others

Minimum withdrawal limits do apply, depending on which cryptocurrency you use. Also, in some cases, you may incur withdrawal fees from 0.1% of the transaction value simply because the transaction is a two-way charge.

5. Bonuses and Promotions For Players

Crypto casinos are known for their enticing bonus and promotional offerings. Because the platforms avoid the costly transaction charges associated with regular banks, the house can afford to reward players with more attractive bonuses and promotions.

The prizes and rewards on offer vary from casino to casino, with no two being the same.

How does BC.Game measure up? BC.Game’s patrons love its incredible bonus and promotion offerings. The rewards system has four categories, with each one offering unique incentives for different types of players.

Maximum Bonuses

  • Task bonuses: players are rewarded based on specific tasks that they achieve through their gameplay
  • Master medals: players need to collect medals that hold reward incentives from a variety of games
  • ShitCodes: players can claim these bonus codes to get add-on rewards

Daily Bonuses

  • Roll competitions: players can spin a wheel of fortune to win exciting prizes daily
  • Rakeback: players can earn back a portion of the ‘rake’ that the casino takes from their bets for site revenue. Essentially, it’s a cashback for the player on every bet.
  • Where is Coco: players get rewarded for finding Coco, a fictional character who appears every six hours on the platform

Lucky Prizes

  • Chat Rain: players can interact with the casino’s bot called Chat Rain, which usually deals out rewards on the platform every six hours

Ability Bonuses

  • Ability bonus: players are rewarded based on their monthly spend at the casino. Typically, the bonus is in proportion to a player’s cumulative monthly betting activity.
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6. How Is Anonymity Protected?

A great advantage of playing at the best crypto casino is the privacy and anonymity that these platforms provide. Together with a highly secure playing environment, players can be assured that playing at a crypto casino will enable them to keep their information and banking transactions private.

Overall, this establishes a deeper element of trust between the player and casino, and contributes to the loyalty that players have towards the platform.

How does BC.Game measure up?  Here, we have one such casino that provides complete anonymity and privacy to its patrons. BC has built its reputation on the trust that it shares with its players and recommends the following to anyone who wishes to maintain their privacy and anonymity:

  • Players must not divulge any personal information about their wallets. This ensures that transactions cannot be traced to your personal information.
  • Players must keep their funds in the cryptocurrency of their choice and should not convert those to standard or fiat currencies, as this will make their identities traceable.
  • Make new wallet addresses for every transaction. This eliminates a trail of transactions that could be traced back to the player.

We are talking about a reliable and established crypto casino that players have grown to trust. Every precaution is taken to ensure that player’s data, funds, and identity are securely protected, although they need to do their part too.

7. Transparency In Gambling and With Information

Most online casinos use visually appealing content and offer attractive bonuses to lure players to their platforms. However, despite the promise of massive wins and great odds, these rarely materialize. This is because these casinos tend to conceal a lot of relevant information.

Consequently, many players have a poor gaming experience as information such as house edges and Return to Player percentages is concealed. Gamblers can be taken advantage of by the house in these ways, and many are left despondent with empty pockets.

How does BC.Game measure up?  BC.Game, on the other hand, offers a transparent online gambling experience to its players. Houses edges and Return to Player percentages are easily available for players to view.

Furthermore, all games on offer are provably fair with foundations on ethereum smart contracts to assure players of transparency.

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8. Device Compatibility For Players

Depending on the casino, some work better on desktop, others on mobile. Some take it a step further and offer mobile apps on IOS, Android, or both.

This element of device compatibility is very convenient when selecting the best crypto casino to gamble at. Players are not restricted and can enjoy their online entertainment wherever they may be.

How does BC.Game measure up? The owners have gone to great lengths to ensure that the casino is readily available to players on every device they use.

Desktop and mobile device users can enjoy easy access to their favorite games without downloading any software. You access the platform through your web browser, and the website is extremely user-friendly with an interactive and engaging interface.

Another huge plus is the mobile app, which both iOS and Android users can download for gambling on the go.

9. Reputation Of The Platform

Of course, no one is going to play on a platform with a seemingly less than stellar reputation. After all, they are letting them handle their funds. For this reason, it’s a good idea to do your homework before handing over all of your crypto.

How does BC.Game measure up? Well, over time, it has built up a steadfast reputation amongst players in the industry.

For one, the casino has been authenticated by the Crypto Gambling Foundation, passing its admission requirements.

Secondly, the platform applies a unique customer-centric approach to all of its processes. Players are encouraged to communicate with one another in chat rooms within the casino, where they are free to share their experiences.

The casino customer service department monitors the chat rooms so that a customer service agent can quickly get in touch if they pick up that players are dissatisfied with some aspect of their gameplay or the casino.

This proactive and engaging environment has further solidified the platform’s reputation as one of the top-rated bitcoin casinos around.

Lastly, BC’s reputation is further enhanced by its informative and insightful blog that offers tips, game strategies, and comprehensive guides for all the games and cryptocurrencies under their portfolio.

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10. Are There Location Restrictions?

Like many online casinos, the best crypto casino will be restricted from operating in certain countries. People who live there will be prevented from accessing the casino website. This list varies based on where the casino is registered and the casino’s licensing body.

How does BC.Game measure up? Anyone located anywhere in the world can set up an account at the casino and enjoy the incredible online entertainment on offer.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the best crypto casino, it is evident that BC.Game ticks the boxes for the features that make for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Players can gamble using any of the most popular cryptocurrencies in circulation, and their entertainment offering includes unique and engaging games that are provably fair and transparent.

Don’t forget to visit the blog and brush up on your strategy before heading off to the casino floor. Good luck!