? Bitcoin Futures Contracts Expire Tomorrow..
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  1. Cam I love you for your DMarket Ico review back in Nov. Best investment, just pumped 300% with a Korean wan pairing. Looking so so solid for hodl long term. Much love and Utrust is sitting sooooo tasty low right now, partnered with pundix, gambio, massive names, spetember gambio will have utk in the hands of merchants, that's my 100x coin, 5x under ico currently.
    Thanks for DMT!

  2. I have been telling ALL of you so-called crypto video 'geniuses' to shut up and study the CME Futures Contracts………….SEE what happened? BTC Fell Like A Rock with the expiring Contracts!……..BTC is DONE, just like any other commodity that the CME short seller's start f'ng with………….no more profit except for the short traders who get 25.00 for every dollar BTC falls…………..you do the math.


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