Gambling provides a fantastic form of online entertainment for millions of players across the globe. While gamblers take their time when trying to find the best crypto casino, they are usually quick to identify their favorite casino games.

Although gambling requires a combination of skill and luck, its mysterious aura has lent credence to many gambling myths that persistently linger amongst gambling circles. Read on as we debunk some of the most common myths in circulation.

Casino and Gambling Myths Debunked

1. All Casino Games are Rigged

Many gamblers are of the misconception that all casino games are rigged. This feeling can become even stronger when a player goes through a poor run. Casino games are, however, NOT rigged, and operate on sophisticated technology that ensures fair play. They use Random Number Generators that draw on different algorithms to consistently generate random outcomes.

With crypto gambling, blockchain technology is employed using a decentralized network to facilitate provably fair games. Many crypto casinos like BC.Game openly display their Return to Player percentages and House Edge in an effort to show transparency. Players can also verify the outcomes of every game at the casino.

2. Counting Cards Is Illegal

Despite many gamblers being convinced that counting cards is illegal, this is one of the gambling myths and couldn’t be further from the truth. Counting cards is a mathematical system used by seasoned gamblers to manipulate their gameplay with Blackjack. This system gives players an advantage as they aim to track the sequence of cards in the deck.

Although casinos are not fond of their patrons using this technique, it is by no means illegal. Casinos make a special effort to deter gamblers from using this method and may resort to shuffling decks more often. If they suspect that you are counting cards, they are not afraid to ban you from playing Blackjack or may eject you from the casino altogether. With that being said, a player cannot be arrested or prosecuted if they are found to be counting cards.

When playing at a crypto casino, however, counting cards is virtually impossible as the deck is shuffled with a random number generator. Blackjack players at crypto casinos, therefore, use other novel strategies to help them with their gameplay.

Casino Myths

3. You Cannot Beat The Casino In The Long Run

This gambling myth does rely on the credible information that the casino offers to its players. Information such as the House Edge and Return to Player percentage clearly indicate that the house will, indeed, prevail in the long run. Although this may be the case when it comes to games such as Roulette or Slots, seasoned players can circumvent this myth through some intelligent strategy on other games like Blackjack and Video Poker.

By employing effective strategies on certain casino games, it is possible to enjoy a profitable gambling session at the casino. Shorter gambling sessions can bring you a decent profit pretty quickly, but walking away after a short period of entertainment is easier said than done. This is especially true when you feel that luck is on your side.

4. Winning Depends Only On Luck

While luck certainly plays a part when you decide to gamble, your success at a crypto casino all boils down to some mathematics. It is very important to understand that the house will always have the edge on every game offered. This statistical advantage enables the casino to remain profitable over the long run.

With sophisticated algorithms embedded in casino games, the house is always favored over the player. A gambler who does win on a short run may attribute that to luck, but the casino always holds a long-term advantage due to its superior house edge. There exists the possibility of short-term variance at a casino that enables players to defy the odds and win quickly. This is due to probabilities rather than luck and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Ultimately, it comes down to your strategy and using some common sense. If your strategy seems to be paying off and you find your bankroll in a positive, common sense would make you walk away with a profit. While some would classify that as luck, others would know that being smart with their strategy has enabled them to boost their bankroll.

5. Slot Machines Can Get Hot Or Cold

Hot and Cold Slots

Players who love slots will testify that slots games go into hot and cold periods. They are adamant in their belief that hot slots will continue to fatten their pockets while cold slots should be avoided at all costs. Some players also believe that hot slots will soon go cold and stop paying out, while cold slots are destined to get hot and start paying out generously.

This is purely one of the gambling myths, and slots players will typically add these labels to a slots game after their gaming sessions on that game. This will be dependent on how profitable their experience was on that game and will influence their future slots game selections. Hot and cold slots games are identified in retrospect.

When playing at a crypto casino, all slots games are controlled by a Random Number Generator that ensures fair outcomes for each spin. Every spin at that slots game is an independent event, and previous spins do not influence the outcome of subsequent spins.

6. Past Results Help Predict Future Outcomes

Many players are of the misconception that their previous betting history and gameplay affects their future outcomes. This encourages them to use riskier strategies to boost their bankroll on their future gaming session. The reality is that every action by a player during their gambling session is an independent event.

Each spin of the Roulette wheel, each shuffle of the deck, each casino spin, and roll of the dice are all independent actions that don’t influence future actions. As much as statistics of previous outcomes are available on certain games, these cannot be used to influence the outcome of the next betting event.

As an example, if 20 out of 25 Roulette spins delivered the ball in a black pocket, you cannot predict with certainty that the next 25 Roulette spins will deliver another 20 in a black pocket. Always remember that each event is independent of each other, so don’t rely on past results for your future betting behavior.

7. Other Blackjack Players At Your Table Influence Your Odds Of Winning

Blackjack Success Depends On Table Players

Many Blackjack players believe that their success at the table is determined by the betting habits and strategy of other players at the same table. A common misconception is that a player who employs imperfect strategies at the Blackjack table jeopardizes the success of the other players at that table. While some decisions by a certain player may hinder the progress of the rest of the table, other decisions by that same player may realize success for the table.

Another way to look at it is that having a bad player with erratic strategies at your table may actually create more opportunities to win, as that player’s gameplay would change the conditions of the game. This could easily result in more favorable cards being drawn for the rest of the players in that game.

Players tend to have selective memory, as this myth is typically mentioned when players are experiencing poor runs at the expense of one player’s decisions.

8. Casinos Let You Win So You Don’t Walk Away

Many gamblers believe that the house will occasionally let you win decent amounts to keep you from walking away. Players are of the misconception that the casino purposely rewards players with great wins after a poor gambling session to keep them from leaving the casino. They think that intermittent wins will make players believe that more good fortune is around the corner, and this keeps them at the casino.

This is another of the gambling myths as all casino games are controlled by Random Number Generators that ensures the outcomes of each game are completely random. At crypto casinos, all games are provably fair and any gambler can trace the outcome of each event.

9. Feeling Lucky and Special Skills

There are many gamblers whose beliefs are distorted when it comes to their gambling sessions. They either believe that they are feeling lucky and will win, or that they have a special gambling skill that will guarantee them winnings. These players are headstrong when it comes to their gambling sessions and will not be deterred by poor runs.

Successful Gambling

These players believe that by playing at the casino long enough, their luck will eventually arrive together with generous payouts. The determination of these players may cloud their judgment, however, and has the potential to deplete their bankroll before they realize their goal.

These distorted beliefs are gambling myths as all casino games are designed to provide random outcomes. It operates on odds that are mathematical probabilities, and cannot be determined by the feelings or supposed skills of an individual gambler.

The Bottom Line

Gambling myths are often associated with superstition and misguided beliefs based on previous experiences. Unfortunately, these myths are known to cloud the judgment of even the most seasoned players. Always remember to play rationally and with a cool head. Good luck!