The live casino scene is taking over the gaming industry by storm thanks to the continuous innovation by cutting-edge providers. Players can now enjoy immersive and visually appealing games at any time. If you are looking for a fun and rewarding live casino game to play, one of the most popular titles is Crazy Time.

What makes the game attractive to many is its satisfying gameplay and eccentric layout that simulates the atmosphere of the glamorous casinos in Las Vegas. Crazy Time’s developer, Evolution, is popularly known in the market. The company is known for its live casino gaming technology, providing bettors with a smooth-sailing betting experience.

To make the most out of the game, it is highly recommended to use Crazy Time winning strategy. This will help increase your winning odds leading to bigger wins. Here is a betting guide overview when playing Crazy Time, whether you are in the Philippines or other parts of the world:

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live casino game that features a colourful wheel filled with different rewards. You can enjoy an entertaining gaming experience thanks to the live dealer who interacts with the players. 

The 54-segmented wheel is the central point of the game. Within these segments are numbers 1,2,5,10, bonus rounds, and multipliers, each offering the chance for players to win big prizes. 

The featured bonus rounds of the live game include Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. Each of these offers unique opportunities and a lucrative betting experience for a chance to win even bigger prizes. With this information, make sure to keep betting on these segments to get a chance to enjoy its possible rewards. 

Here is a quick overview of each bonus round:

  • Pachinko: Betting on the Pachinko bonus rounds will earn you additional multipliers. Here, the host will drop a chip down a board filled with pegs. At the end of the board, there are 16 different multipliers the puck can land in. Remember that a puck can land on the double and increase multipliers in value. 
  • Cash Hunt: Aim for the 108 symbols with different multipliers on the wall during this bonus round. Hit as many as possible using a cannon within the time limit set. All the multipliers that were hit will be added to your wins. 
  • Coin Flip: The coin flip bonus round will leave your chance of winning big prizes at 50/50 chance. The two sides of the coin are distinguished by blue and red colours and are assigned two multipliers. All you have to do is bet on which colour the coin will land to win. 
  • Crazy Time: If you bet on the Crazy Time bonus round, prepare for massive rewards and payouts. During this round, 64 segments and three flappers are on the wheel: blue, green, and yellow. 

Each of these flappers has its unique payout value. If the wheel lands on a trip value or a double, all multipliers will be doubled or even tripled. 


How to play Crazy Time

Before diving into a Crazy Time betting strategy to bet with, it is crucial to understand how to play the game and the different rules first. Fortunately, the game is simple to learn. Here is a guide on how to play Crazy Time:

  1. Set a wager amount

The first step is to set a bet amount. Consider your bankroll and set an amount for each gaming session. The minimum amount you can wager is 0.10 mBTC, while the maximum is 400 mBTC. 

  1. Bet on segments

As mentioned, there are different segments on the wheel you can wager on. Depending on your risk appetite, you can wager on multiple segments at once. To increase your odds of winning, consider betting on a bonus segment for a chance to win bigger prizes and payouts.

  1. Watch out for the timer

Watch out for the timer during the betting phase of the game. If you cannot place a wager within the limit, you will be disqualified from winning any payouts or prizes during that round. With this, make sure to always be attentive.

  1. Watch the wheel spin

The host will spin the wheel once the wagers have been locked in. This big wheel will spin along the Top slot reel, which contains the varying multipliers of the game. 

  1. Repeat!

If the wheel lands on a bonus game you wagered on, you can then play. If your wagers did not land during the current round, the process would repeat until a bonus game is played and activated. 

  1. Know the payout table

It is crucial to be familiar with the game’s payout table to formulate the best possible Crazy Time tips and strategies to play with. Here is a quick rundown of the payouts of each segment of the game’s wheel:

Wheel segmentNumber of segmentsPayout
1211 to 1
2132 to 1
575 to 1
10410 to 1
Pachinko2Up to 100,000 mBTC
Cash Hunt2Up to 100,000 mBTC
Coin Flip4Up to 100,000 mBTC
Crazy Time1Up to 100,000 mBTC

Strategies to try to win more in Crazy Time

To place better bets when playing, it is recommended to play with a Crazy Time strategy. Fortunately, there are tons of different strategies you can use. Keep in mind that these don’t always deliver the same results but help increase your chances of winnings and minimise possible losses. Consider trying some of these when you play Crazy Time online: 

Study the statistics board

There is a statistics board that is easily accessible to players, which you can use to hedge your wagers. Here, you will find a history of previous rounds (both from the main game and bonus rounds) and different percentages representing the times that specific segment was hit. Analysing this data can help you identify patterns or trends that could influence your betting decisions. 

If a particular bonus game hasn’t occurred in a while, it might be worth considering a bet on that bonus, as it could be due to come up soon. However, remember that each round is independent, and past outcomes do not guarantee future results.

Optimise your bet selection

When playing Crazy Time, you have a huge range of different betting options to choose from. Each of these has its own set of potential payouts and odds. It’s essential to diversify your bets strategically to optimise your chances of winning. Make sure to balance higher-risk bets with lower-risk bets, such as numbers or bonus rounds. 

This approach allows you to have a mix of potentially higher payouts and more frequent wins. Consider experimenting with different bet combinations and find the balance that suits your risk appetite.

Practise proper bankroll management

Practising proper bankroll management is essential when playing any casino game. To do so, set a reasonable betting budget that fits your bankroll. You must stick to this budget all throughout your gaming season. 

Always remember not to chase losses. Do not risk losing more wagers by increasing your bets impulsively. Instead, aim to maximise your enjoyment within your set budget. With this, you can prolong your gameplay and reduce the risk of huge losses.


Tips for playing Crazy Time

Aside from using strategies during your gaming sessions, it is also important to follow some Crazy Time tips and tricks. Doing so will help you make better game predictions, which will also improve your odds. Here are some Crazy Time tips to keep in mind:

Understand the odds and payouts of Crazy Time

Take the time to know the different betting options and their corresponding odds and payouts. Each bet type in Crazy Time has its level of risk and potential reward. By understanding the odds, you can make wise decisions on where to place your bets. Consider diversifying your bets to balance risk and potential return as well.

Enjoy the game

While winning is undoubtedly exciting, it’s essential to approach Crazy Time with the mindset of having fun and enjoying the experience. Treat it as entertainment rather than a guaranteed way to make money. 

Set realistic expectations, and don’t get carried away by chasing big wins or trying to recoup losses quickly. Remember to enjoy and savour the game’s entertainment value and appreciate the thrill it offers.

Know when to stop playing

One of the common Crazy Time tips to win is knowing when to stop playing, especially if you are on a losing streak. Although Crazy Time is an enjoyable game to play, you must set a limit to signal a stop to your gaming session. 

If you reach your winning goal, consider ending your session on a positive note. It’s advisable to stop playing and avoid further losses if you reach your losing limit. Taking breaks and exercising self-discipline will help you maintain control over your gameplay.

Play and win Crazy Time at BC.GAME

Crazy Time is best enjoyed at BC.GAME, the leading crypto casino in the market. Thanks to the various features available, you can enjoy the live casino game to the fullest. 

This includes a plethora of generous offers which help players enjoy bigger and better rewards with their bets. The cherry on top? You can expect faster withdrawals and deposits at the site.

To start playing Crazy Time at BC.GAME, follow these simple steps: 

  1. To start, click the sign-up button at the site’s upper right corner.
  2. Then, provide your email address and password. Alternatively, you can also use a phone number to sign up.
  3. For a quicker registration process, you can sign-up using your Gmail, MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Telegram account.
  4. From here, you can then deposit funds into your account. You will find your BC.GAME wallet at the top left section of the page. There are different transaction methods to consider, such as fiat or crypto. Depending on your bankroll, make sure to set a suitable amount. 
  5. Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, you can then start playing Crazy Time by navigating yourself to their live casino game section. You can use the search bar for easy access.


Now that you are familiar with how Crazy Time by Evolution works and some strategies to win. Here are some frequently asked questions from other bettors that might help you as well: 

How to play Crazy Time?

All you have to do when playing Crazy Time is to wager on one of many segments of the game’s wheels. The segments include numbers, bonus rounds, and multipliers. Keep in mind that you can bet on multiple at once. 

How to win Crazy Time?

To win at Crazy Time, predict which segment the wheel will land on and place a bet on it. You can increase your odds of success by implementing a strategy.

Where can I play Crazy Time?

The best site where you can play Crazy Time is BC.GAME. They ensure players have the best time with generous bonuses and promotions. 

How does Crazy Time work?

Crazy Time is a live dealer casino game that uses a wheel as a central part of its gameplay. On the wheel, there are different segments players can place their wagers on. There will be a betting phase before each round where players can bet on multiple segments according to their preferences.