? Big C. Fire in da booth.
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01:00 Market Cap
01:36 Bitcoin Mining Difficulty
01:58 General Bitcoin Opinion
03:58 Origin of Hodl
04:50 Millennial Comeback
05:27 Cool Coins
06:30 Bull Run Market
06:57 No Sell Test
07:24 More Good Coins
07:50 Star Wars
08:19 Verse 2
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? Music!
Mans Not Hot – Fire in the Booth Roadman Shaq
2+2 is 4
-1 that’s…


everyday mans on the cap

coin market

Went for a walk in the park,
not even likely,
I dont need to go outside
you man cant even find me

Lookin at dem coins
Whos got the pumpey?
Hold tight my man
I dont want them dumpeys

When the ting went boom boom boom
You lot were scrutinizin
I just went all in
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