Blockchain gaming packs the excitement and dynamism that gaming enthusiasts relish. These games display impressive diversity to suit all manner of tastes. Gods Unchained has emerged as a popular addition to this space, launching only in 2018. Online gambling on BC.GAME has genuinely come of age. The confluence of remarkable expansion in internet access and blockchain efficiency is working to a beautiful effect. 

Now, people globally can play an endless variety of crypto gambling games from the convenience of their smartphones. This convenience continually meets the next level of blockchain gaming. The blockchain is transforming the high levels of control centralised platforms have over traditional games. Instead, gamers on these new platforms can have greater control of gaming items and the ability to monetise them. That is the true essence of blockchain games. Gods Unchained takes up this mantra, which is evident in the game.  

About Gods Unchained

The name is enough to strike your imagination! Gods Unchained is a fantasy card game that utilises the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Its development team conceived the game such that each card is unique and tradable on the open market. On 4th August 2018, Gods Unchained sold its first card at an auction. The Mythic card, Hyperion, wrapped up with a final price of 146.279 ETH ($61,000), which was a great price at the time. Gods Unchained developers took inspiration from popular card games like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft from Blizzard. Therefore, it took the free-to-play approach with fantasy-themed characters and unit cards where players take turns trying to defeat their enemies. 

The Hearthstone format proved a massive hit, with millions of global players and a vast e-sports community to back it up. Gods Unchained makes the necessary tweaks for blockchain gaming but follows much of the blueprint. This will be a pretty easy transition for those who have experience with Hearthstone. The only caveat is that the crypto aspect allows better control of in-game items and payment efficiency. 

The development team managed to create an engaging and polished product. Accordingly, Gods Unchained delivers an unparalleled card game experience. Gamers can purchase cards as collectables and be sure of their uniqueness. Using the NFT format allows for verifiability and tracking of ownership. Besides, the card is a tokenised digital asset that games could later resell for a higher value. These cards range in rarity and value, just like physical card games. 


How It Works 

The essence of the game is battle sequences that are not on the blockchain. Blockchain technology powers the card code and ownership. Each card is an NFT, guaranteeing authentication when sold to a new owner. For games like Hearthstone, the cards are a part of the game experience, with the gaming platform controlling them. NFTs, ensure that Gods Unchained card owners enjoy actual ownership and have resale value on their cards. 

Therefore, Gods Unchained takes the success of older mythical card games and goes one better in ownership. NFT auctions are taking the world by storm, and these cards could be worth millions in the next few years. Each player begins with free cards that allow them to use various basic decks in the game. From there, one builds up by playing matches, with the option of purchasing more packs with your fund. The packs come in different variations, affecting the prices. Notably, the in-game marketplace provides an opportunity to improve your deck. A player could even purchase a card solely based on its potential resale value.

Being Ethereum NFTs, you need a wallet like Metamask to trade efficiently. The gameplay is streamlined and competitive. Gods Unchained allows players to enter into battle with a card deck that fits the theme of one of six mythical gods. You get more powerful cards as you play along, and the Mana Lock feature allows gamers to increase their tally rapidly. Like most battle-themed games, you gradually chip away at your opponent’s health. The goal is to kill the opponent before they get to you. It is more challenging than it sounds because the gameplay is strategic, with the game’s tide more rapid as you go along. 

Additional Observations

Gods Unchained is easy to figure out once you have gone through the motions. You only need to understand the gameplay and how blockchain NFTs work. A gamer can play a few demo matches before hopping onto ranked matches for an easier landing. For those who have handled NFTs and Ethereum tokens, the blockchain aspect of this should be a breeze. Those starting need to know how to set up a wallet and the necessary security features to thrive in this world. 

Gods Unchained is still a relatively young game, with the developers making constant adjustments to optimise the gaming experience. As it becomes more popular, more expansion sets give gamers more opportunities. Notably, these tokens still rely on the ETH for gas fees. Ethereum has experienced some ridiculous transaction fees this year, but the development team is on overdrive to implement better scaling solutions. BC.GAME recognises this upside and decided to partner up with Gods Unchained. NFTs are ascending, and this game offers the right combination of blockchain assets and an excellent gaming experience.  


Gods Unchained adds value to the fantasy card-game scene and is a valuable inclusion on BC.GAME. Owning the cards as Non-Fungible tokens makes a world of difference for gamers. This aspect can unlock more value and blockchain efficiency for this sector. This game should be valuable to the BC.GAME list of partner platforms.