You can always find numbers attached to the betting markets you choose whenever you bet on baseball leagues like Major League Baseball (MLB) or Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). These betting odds are significant tools for wagering on any game. 

There are many kinds of odds formats that you can learn, including money line and decimal. But before you can choose the odds format that is perfect for you, you need to learn how to read baseball odds first.  

What do baseball odds mean?

The numbers attached to baseball betting markets are called baseball odds. They have many functions, including determining the underdog and favourite between the two teams playing. However, since betting markets do not just involve two teams facing off, these numbers also determine the likelihood of a particular event happening during the game.

There are many types, as previously mentioned, which can vary from the number itself to the symbols that accompany it. Think of moneyline odds with symbols like a plus (for the underdog markets) or minus (for the favoured markets). Make sure to check the odds every time you place a bet.

How do baseball odds work?

Aside from knowing which are the underdogs and favourites during baseball games, you should know that odds can also dictate how much you can win when you make a successful bet. 

That is why it is tapped as money odds because they can tell you which bet has more upside. Baseball wagering odds guide you to make the best bet possible based on what you have planned. 

How to read baseball betting odds?

Since there are many types of betting odds in the sports industry, every bettor needs to learn their differences from each other. These numbers influence wagering as it tells bettors the potential rewards while distinguishing the likelihood of a market happening.

Betting odds are displayed in your chosen format, regardless of the league of events. For instance, if you’ve chosen the Moneyline format for Major League Baseball betting, the same format will be displayed on other markets.

The way you calculate the value of betting odds to show your payouts also depends on the format. Always take note of the betting lines before you place your bets. With moneyline, the values will always have a plus (+) or minus (-) sign attached. 

However, with every odds type, favourite markets or the possibilities that are more likely to happen will have a lower value, while underdog markets have a higher value. Favourites give bettors a higher chance of winning but with lesser payouts. While underdogs have a lesser chance of happening, their payouts are higher since there is also an increased risk.


Baseball game odds explained

With baseball betting odds explained, you can place bets on every available baseball game. While most betting markets are easy to understand, some require bettors that are more knowledgeable on the sport—like run lines betting. A runline bet requires a margin of runs for a team to either win or lose. 

The odds are the probability that you can win your chosen bet. You can think of it like the percentages for your wager, which will influence your decision to bet on a certain market. 

For example, if you are betting on an MLB team matchup between the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets, you will see that one team is better. In recent years, the Padres have taken the lead in the odds department, which is replicated by the results you can see when they play each other. 

You can convert the value of the odds to find out how much your profit will be. Calculating the potential rewards you can win can be easy because the odds are already there to help you.

How to bet baseball odds

Now that you want to wager, you should know that the probability of winning based on these numbers still depends on the event. You can bet according to what you see, but you can also make your wager against the odds. You can do this regardless of the format, whether the odds are in decimal or fractional.

Make sure that you know various odds because most sportsbooks can give you many options. Here are two types of baseball odds explained in layman’s terms for easy understanding: 

Decimal MLB betting odds

The rewards you can get with this type of odds will be $1 multiplied by the number. The odds for decimal odds will be shown as one number for the respective option in the market. Favourites have lower odds in this type since they are more likely to win, while the higher numbers are reserved for underdogs who are less likely to win. 

However, betting on the underdog can give you huge prizes, but you must be confident to risk placing a wager on them. 

Fractional MLB betting odds

This format is commonly used in the United Kingdom, which is why it is sometimes called British or UK odds. Fractional odds are the two numbers on top of each other with a slash symbol (/) in between them. The easiest way to understand this is: ‘how much you will win / how much you should bet’. An example is 5/6, which will be read as 5 to 6 odds. 

For every $60 wager, you will have a net profit of $50. If the market you wagered on wins, you will regain your stake. You will receive $110, which is $50 winnings and $60 for your wager. 

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Use the MLB odds properly. However, you should not fully rely on it because there is a valuable context behind every matchup and market. Use the odds for diving deeper into the market you’re wagering on. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since you are interested in betting on baseball, here are the most common questions about baseball. 

How to read baseball odds lines? 

Baseball odds lines come in different formats, but their context doesn’t change. Basically, in any baseball event, find out which markets are most to least favoured. Markets with higher odds are less likely to happen, but your profit is higher than markets with lower odds. However, lower odds mean that the markets are more likely to occur.

Why are baseball odds in the 100s? 

The moneyline format usually has numbers that exceed 100. If you see a -300 line, you will have to wager $300 just to earn a $100 profit. The usefulness of this aspect of moneyline odds is important because punters will know how to make the proper bets that are worth it in value. 

What does +5000 odds in baseball mean? 

A +5000 will be a lucrative bet because there are tons of upsides. If you bet $100, you can win $5000 in rewards. That is a huge reward, but it is risky to make, given that it is significantly unlikely to happen.