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02:07 Market Recap
02:18 Bitcoin Cash
03:49 Ethereum All Time High
04:26 The Gainers
05:30 Market Adoption
05:55 2018 ICOs
07:00 Problems With Deflation
07:50 Happy Thanksgiving
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  1. Exchange hitbtc has the highest level of service from check in, facilities of trading and ending with the withdrawal. Everything is so perfect that there is not even the slightest question about the technical options. The simplicity and ease of control of the personal account is amazing. The functionality of the exchange is made skillfully, the developers know their business perfectly

  2. Bitcoin cove dev team work for Block Stream. Block Stream is owned by the banksters. Lightning network will only benefit those who implement it. Fees on top of fees. Bitcoin will no longer be currency. Instead it will be used as storage. BCH is truly where bitcoin should have went.

  3. HitBTC is a fucking scam. Just tried to buy Presearch (PRE) and they have the code changed to PRS. I bought 10 k worth of Premine (PRE – their abbreviation) junk coin and I can't get my money back. So disappointed in this.

  4. Inflation may encourage spending, but what a lot of mainstream economist don't understand about the value of savings is that they provide the fundamentals of accurate and healthy interest rates on loans. Before the FDIC, the rates were determined by reserves sitting in a bank. Now they are just determined by what a central bank arbitrarily sets them at. Deflationary periods are not necessarily a bad thing, especially after a decade or two of cheap credit expansion resulting in maltinvestments and bubbles.

  5. Hey, could you please make a review of this very interesting and promising project. They have some real project, for everyday use, not like most of the Cryptocurrencies. It is an Augmented Reality game that rewards for playing, and it doesn't require any investment or referral. I bet this one is going to be huge http://www.cryptohuntgame.com

  6. I have BTC on Yobit since may but a small amount now big and get no response from any of their support or any replies on emails. Anyone know how to get hold of them it says withdrawal processing.

  7. how many ICOs are just not going to be able to do anything useful? most of them, i have all kinds of work that i havent done yet, but is a great idea. how about you pay me to do it before i do it? THATS an ICO

  8. 6:15 If business what people's Bitcoin savings they'll have to build better and cheaper products or services. Gone will be the days where people who find no growth in their savings accounts rush into Wall Street to dump shit tons of cash on every investment on offer. Also, forget about 401ks and every other instrument banks have to try and make your money grow while taking a cut. The consumer will soon be king of the castle.

  9. 6:35 a deflationary currency will not discourage spending. Consider that the economy grows constantly every year so new money needs to be created to cover the addition of new goods and services. So how do you create new money in a deflationary model ? You simply divide the coin down one more level. So with that, even hodlers need not panic, their expenses can continue as before but their savings will never lose value.


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