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00:00- 05:50 Can you explain what your business consisted of before your choice to implement blockchain technology?

5:50- 07:30 How did you come to the conclusion that the Steem blockchain is the right fit for your application? How will this work since your ICO is using Ethereum and your token is technically an ERC20 token?

07:30- 08:00 Who can take part in this ICO and which coins you can use to take part?

08:00- 13:00 How will this be organized with contractors, do they need to be explicitly tied to Bob’s Repair? Can any contractor take advantage of Bob’s Repair platform?

13:00- 14:00 What sorts of benefits can the holders of your tokens expect to receive?

14:00- 15:00What is the max supply of your tokens?

15:00- 15:45 When does your presale end and regular ICO begin?

15:45- 16:40 You are currently in the presale phase of your ICO with the regular sale coming up, what are the plans for the platform once the sale ends? Do you have plans for hiring more people to help with development?

16:40- 17:45How will the platform work from the customer’s perspective?

17:45- 18:25 Do customers have to use your token to utilize the platform?

18:25- 19:10How long until you’ll have an MVP?

19:10- 21:00 Do you have a vision for one day expanding beyond contractors and home repairs?

21:00- 22:15 How building you app on the Steem blockchain can prove incredibly beneficial for the ultimate growth of both Bob’s Repair and Steem and Steemit.

22:15- Any last comments? Information you’d like the viewers to know? How to contact you? Find good info about the progress of the project?