Online gambling has become increasingly popular globally, with many gamblers enjoying the convenience of playing their favourite casino games without having to travel anywhere. Because technology is advancing at unprecedented levels, many online casinos have stepped up their game and started introducing live casinos with live dealer games. When on the hunt for the best crypto casino out there, more and more gamblers choose those that offer live dealer games as it adds a new layer to the entire experience.

Dynamics Of Live Casinos

Live casinos simulate a traditional casino in a way. Essentially, they allow crypto casino players to play with real dealers who interact through a live video link from a casino table.

The casinos use Optical Camera Recognition (OCR) to record all the live gambling room details and facilitate the live stream that gamblers watch.

The live dealer is responsible for acknowledging bets, dealing cards, and spinning wheels, depending on the live game you are playing. The OCR captures all actions by the live dealer, including card shuffling, wheel spinning, and distributing hands.

Players can interact with the live dealers through a chat facility, enabling them to make the most of a traditional casino experience from the comfort of their homes or places of their choice.

In this case, the benefits for gamblers are manifold.

Two-way interaction simulates the satisfaction players get from playing at a conventional casino. There is the benefit of gambling with the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Players can also communicate with other people sitting at their table, just as you would be able to in a traditional casino.

Live Dealer Games Unpacked

Live dealer games are essentially bitcoin casino games that you can play with the host being a human dealer instead of randomised computer software. These games are accessed through your regular bitcoin casino platform, and the live dealer screen is streamed to you through an internet connection.

The casino carefully selects which games will have the option of playing with a live dealer, and these are usually the most popular at existing traditional and bitcoin casinos.

When looking for live games at your favourite crypto casino, you can expect to find Blackjack, Texas Hold’Em Poker, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, and Roulette, which attract most gamblers.


Components Of A Live Casino


Cameras are essential to facilitating live dealer games at crypto casinos. Many live dealer games contain multiple cameras that offer different viewpoints of their gambling session.

Game Control Unit

The Game Control Unit (GCU) makes the live casino tick. All live dealer games have the GCU attached to their tables. The purpose of the GCU is to encode the video transmitted through the cameras. Live casino games would not be possible without a properly functioning GCU.


The wheel is crucial for specific live casino games played with one. These wheels usually contain sensors that the casino software interfaces with.


Dealers are the face of the live casino game and represent the house concerning that specific game. Dealers are highly-trained in the games they facilitate, and all their actions during your gambling session are tracked through a smart card.


The monitor displays what gamblers can see on their screens. It also indicates to the dealer what actions to take and helps them track each gambler’s bets at that table. Additionally, the monitor shows the dealer which players are online and can help the dealer assist players with the chat feature.

How To Play Live Dealer Games

The first step is to find a bitcoin casino that offers live dealer games. In case you haven’t seen it yet, BC.Game recently launched a list of live dealer games with some incredible offerings.

Once you have chosen a suitable casino, you need to register an account and then load some casino credit on your account. You are ready to head off to the live dealer games with this done.

Once you have entered the live games section, you can select the game of your choice. Casinos that offer live games typically provide various games, ensuring you are spoilt for choice. Once you have chosen your table, you can select your game’s dealer.

Now that you have joined a table, you can enjoy the live-action. Although you cannot speak directly to the dealer, they can talk to you to prompt you to bet. Other players will likely be present at the table, so you must exercise patience while everybody has a turn to place their bets.

The dealer will then start the game, dealing cards or spinning a wheel, depending on the game you are playing. The game follows the exact process followed at traditional and online casinos, except that the dealer may prompt you specifically for some live games like Blackjack. After each hand, all winners are paid out, and your casino credits are instantly updated before the new round starts.


Playing Against Live Dealers

The live dealer is your main point of contact during your gambling session and can answer any questions or queries through the chat facility. The dealer is also responsible for facilitating the game by shuffling and dealing cards or spinning the wheel. The dealer usually has a physical setup as a background, although some casinos may use computer-generated backgrounds.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette is just as exhilarating as the traditional and online variations. The betting options are the same, and the rules of Roulette do not change for the live version. Because you play with many other players, there is a time limit to place your bets for every round.

Live Blackjack

This is the most popular live game at bitcoin casinos, and players can come face-to-face with the dealer. The rules are the same as the traditional and online variations, and your ultimate aim is to beat the dealer’s hand. You will be satisfied with seeing the dealer’s expression when you are on a winning streak.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is extremely easy to learn and can provide hours of entertainment with a live variation. The rules remain the same as the traditional and online versions, and you can communicate with other players at the table. You will be expected to submit your bets on a customised interface that the dealer will acknowledge before starting the game.

Pros and Cons Of Live Dealer Games

Before heading off to gamble, it is vital to understand the pros and cons of playing live dealer games. Since the concept of live casino games is relatively new, there will be benefits and drawbacks to the technology compared to the tried and tested online versions. Although the rules remain the same, playing in a live setting brings different dynamics to the table.


Real-Time Experience – When you engage in live casino games, you can experience playing with a dealer who is an actual person from the comfort of your home. This significant factor encourages many gamblers to opt for live games, as this is the closest they could experience to a physical casino.

Availability and Convenience – When playing live games at a bitcoin casino, the live dealers are available 24/7. You can play live games at any time of the day.

Furthermore, the games are usually compatible with multiple devices. So, you can enjoy live dealer games on your chosen device, provided you have a stable internet connection.

No Wait Times – When you visit a physical casino, there is a real possibility that you will have to wait for spots to open at the table that you want to play at. This can be frustrating and affect your mood, especially before starting your gambling session.

When playing live games, you can rest assured that you don’t have to wait to start playing your favourite game. The only wait time you may have to endure is waiting for your fellow players to place their bets at your table.



Slower than regular online casino games – Live games can be slower compared to standard online casino games. This could be due to waiting for other players to place their bets or make their moves. Although there are time limits for these, many players maximise this time, slows the game down.

It is important not to get frustrated, as this could affect your mindset and strategy.

Technical Problems – New technologies could inevitably bring along some technical problems with them. Even though you may have a powerful device and a fast internet connection, there could be bugs within the system that disrupts the flow of events. Some live casino games are streamed from a dedicated studio through a video link, but distorted connections and visuals are always possible.

Higher Minimum Bets – Live casino games are known to have higher minimum bet amounts when compared to traditional bitcoin casino games. This can be attributed to the operational requirements needed to run multiple live casino studios with real dealers. It is therefore suited to those players who have bigger bankrolls.

Tips For Playing Live Casino Games

Before heading off to play your favourite live game, you must take note of the following:


You must ensure a stable internet connection to enjoy the full experience of live dealer games. It would not be the same playing a live game with a choppy stream that continues to buffer intermittently.

Bet Size

Staying to a budget and observing your bankroll at all times is important. Your bet size must be proportional to the funds you have allocated for your gambling session. It is easy to get caught up in the hype of these live games, but this could deplete your bankroll in an instant if you are not careful.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

It is important to think to make intelligent betting decisions carefully. Having a strategy and sticking to it when you are playing is vital. If you are going through a poor streak, walking away is a good idea. Chasing your losses with bigger betting habits could make your bankroll shrink quickly.

Quit When Ahead

The main intention of playing at a casino is to come away with a profit. In light of this, you must learn to walk away when you have enjoyed a profitable streak. The casino’s house edge will always be against you, so when you have an opportunity to walk away with your pockets full, you must take full advantage of it. Quitting when ahead is always recommended.

Learn Live Casino Etiquette

Being respectful and courteous to your fellow players and the dealer is extremely important. Any abuse and disruptions at a live table could lead to you being ejected from the platform. A well-mannered demeanour will keep you in a positive frame of mind that will help your decision-making processes.

The Bottom Line

Live casino games are certainly a step into the future of gambling. In the aftermath of a pandemic, gamblers are more likely to enjoy a real-life experience online than going into a traditional casino. Take cognisance of the pros and cons of live casino games, and always opt to play at top-rated casinos that use reputable casino software providers.

Check out a casino’s live game selection before deciding where to play, and take advantage of attractive bonuses to bump up your bankroll. Also, take a moment to brush up on some strategies before starting your gambling session. Playing live casino games is undoubtedly an online gambling experience like no other. Good luck!