Information determines a lot in trading! In this article, we have made a list of the top 11 best cryptocurrency news sites which will help you stay informed! Allying with any of these top recommendations can improve your decision making.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a major reason traders sell their tokens at the slightest window of opportunity. This is wrong and is mostly because crypto enthusiasts fail to keep themselves updated with the latest news about their choice of cryptocurrency or the crypto network in general.

As an experienced trader and crypto casino expert, I will be sharing with you the top cryptocurrency and altcoin news website you’d wish you knew before now and make you a better trader with access to authentic information in the process.

It is time for you to start making decisions based on your inference. Not just because the spread looks enticing. This because what looks enticing now can be super enticing in the next minute.

In the trading world, profitable transactions to those who trust in themselves. Here is a list of my top-tier cryptocurrency news sites:

1. Cointelegraph

With over 6 years of experience, Cointelegraph maintains its spot as one of the leading digital currency news aggregators. Passionately covering news on crypto tokens, fintech updates, and blockchain technology without bias. Every day, they provide insightful inferences, price charts, and analysis needed to educate and increase awareness on taking advantage of the digital transformation we are experiencing.

2. Coindesk

Founded in 2013 like Cointelegraph, Coindesk is not doing bad at all when it comes to blockchain and crypto news updates. The Bitcoin Price Index every other media refer to daily was designed by Coindesk. Coindesk operates on a newspaper design interface and is very user friendly.

3. The Blockchain News (BNH)

Without mincing words, this is one of the largest (if not the largest) crypto news aggregator in the world. Besides being great at current news, this network provides traders with the most accurate live prices, market rates, and charts from renowned crypto exchange platforms worldwide.

BNH boasts of over 1600 different cryptocurrencies, background for each, and updates on active, upcoming, and finalized initial coin offerings (ICOs). BNB holders should not joke with this platform.

4. Crypto Panic

This platform is great for those (usually beginners) with crypto panic. The network filters genuine and trending crypto topics all over the world and deliver them for your digestion. Crypto Panic does this in a very user-friendly manner and provides users with the option of receiving price and other news notifications.

5. Coin Journal

If you are particularly interested in the technological, legal, and economical updates of digital currencies. The integrity and reflection Coin Journal offers in its news makes every report is worth every shout. 

6. Bitcoin Magazine

I’m sure you must have heard of the one and only Bitcoin Magazine. Precisely one of the oldest (but still very reliable) source of Bitcoin and crypto news.

With over 9 years of crypto news publication experience, Bitcoin Magazine still stands out with its unique design and crypto podcast feature

7.  Coin Spectator

While some crypto news sites, despite feeding off other big networks for news present it like they had no help. Coin Spectator provides traders with the source of every news. How they do this and still rank high amongst top crypto and altcoin website is beyond me.

8. Brave New Coin

Beyond providing steady crypto and altcoin news, one thing I like about this site is its constant fight to improve in every section for its users. This makes their insight, event, and data top-notch in terms of relevance.

9. The Daily HODL

One thing about the daily HODL is the way it presents crypto and altcoin news. This aggregator does it in a captivating way. Such that if you do not fancy reading long reports, you would do it seamlessly on this crypto data site.

10. Crypto Vest

Crypto vest combines the best crypto news, reviews, ICO, and other events. Every news or update comes with simplicity.

11. NewsBTC

NewsBTC is one of the most popular news and analysis websites for BTC. It covers major news about Bitcoin exchange, technical analysis, mining, prediction or price movement, and more. Altcoin news can also be found on this site but its core is on BTC.

12. Ethereum World News

Also known as EWN, Ethereum World News is designed to feature breaking news (80%) on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and the Blockchain network as a whole. Hence, if you are interested in the quickest source or outlet for crypto breaking buzzes, EWN stands tall.

13. Coinfomania

Coinfomania has a major selling point — the structural organization of its news. It is an independent news outlet interested in the daily news, analysis, opinions, updates, guides, ICOs, and the likes for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP, ETH, to mention a few. 


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This article is captioned ‘top 11’ for a reason. So, do not be surprised or annoyed at the fact that I did not mention some news networks. The aim is to keep you in control of your buying or selling. Check out these best cryptocurrency news sites today and stick to the one that suits your objective as a trader.