Seasoned gamblers jump at the opportunity to double down in blackjack during their crypto gambling session. Doubling down allows them to maximize their winnings when they are dealt a favorable hand.

Players usually consider doubling down their bet when they are confident that their cards are statistically strong enough to beat the dealer. While finding the best crypto casino might be a tricky choice, gamblers are often in little doubt when it comes to doubling their blackjack bet.

Whether you’re playing at a bitcoin casino or the traditional type, a double down in blackjack is essentially the same. The game typically involves two moves that are stand or hit. In specific instances, however, players have the option to double down. This entails the player betting an extra amount with the potential to win a much bigger amount in a highly advantageous situation.

The double down blackjack bet is purely optional, and players can continue their round without exercising that option.

Doubling Down In Blackjack Explained

When a player doubles down in their blackjack round, they receive an additional card after their initial hand has been dealt. This extra card comes at the expense of an additional bet that the player must make, commonly referred to as the double down blackjack bet.

Once the extra card has been dealt, the player won’t receive additional cards for that round.

Double down bets are only permitted once a player has been dealt their initial two cards. The card received after the double down can only be the third card that the player receives for that round.

Players are entitled to double down on a single or split hand and may double down their bet as many times as they wish during their session. However, double down blackjack bets are only allowed once per dealt hand for each round.

Hit or Stand

Pro players call the double down bet an advantage play, as the odds of winning sway heavily in your favor if you play it correctly. Players who are new to the game sometimes incorrectly think that they receive two extra cards on a double down bet during that specific round. However, this is only possible if you are dealt two of the same cards and choose to split the cards and double down each of those hands separately.

Note that double down blackjack bets are not allowed if you are dealt a 21 score, if you choose to hit after your initial dealt hand, or if you have placed an insurance bet.

When determining if you are in a position to double down your bet, you must analyze the cards on the table to decide if you have a better chance of totaling 21 or reaching closer to 21 than the dealer has. This is based on probabilities and is usually done instinctively by the masters of the game.

When Is Double Down Blackjack An Advantage?

There are some basic principles to guide your decision whether to double down or not. It is a two-fold process, and the following factors must be in your favor before going ahead:

  • You have been dealt two cards that are likely to total 20 or 21. This means that your total upon your first two dealt cards is either 10 or 11.
  • The dealer’s up-card is particularly weak, and a higher card that follows will be unlikely to beat your hand. This up-card could value two, three, four, five, or six.

If these factors present themselves during your round, you have a strong case to double down your bet and maximize your advantage. This entails investing more of your funds in the hope of getting even bigger rewards.

The double down bet is typically the equivalent cost of your opening bet, and it is wise to take advantage of this when the dealer is in a weaker position than you.

Although the casino has the house edge over its players, doubling down appropriately should effectively enhance your win ratio at the table.

When Is The Bet A Disadvantage?

Winning Blackjack hands

As attractive as these bets are during your gambling session, it is important to remember that it can be detrimental to your bankroll if you do not make wise decisions. Since you are risking more funds in the hope of maximizing your advantage, you must be sure that the dealer is actually in a weakened position.

Moreover, Blackjack double down rules are such that you are only allowed to get one extra card for your double down bet. It is quite conceivable that you could be left with an undesirable total and strengthen the dealer’s position considerably in that round.

If your initial total was 10, and you hit three, you could total 13 and still have an opportunity to hit once more for a higher score. Had you double downed and totaled 13, you would be stuck on that score. That would work to your detriment as the dealer could easily beat you on 17 or more.

Double Down Casino Rules

Once you have mastered the art of double down Blackjack, you must make an effort to understand the rules of Double Down at the different casinos where various types of the game are on offer.

Each variation has slightly different rules regarding double down bets. Make sure to understand the restrictions for that particular table before doubling down your bets during your session.

Irrespective of these differences in rules, your double down bet amount will always be the same as your opening bet amount.

What Score Is The Dealer Obliged To Stop At?

The dealer is at liberty to hit or stand on his or her own cards until the cards total 17 or more. The dealer is not permitted to stand on any score below 17, and this serves as your guide when you are contemplating whether to double down your bet.

Any score well below this puts the dealer in a weakened position and gives you an advantage that you must maximize.

Since there are more cards in the shoe that are valued at 10, players must always assume that the next card dealt will be valued at 10. Cards such as two, three, four, five, or six would weaken the dealer’s objective of reaching 17 on the next hit. In this case, the dealer stands a good chance of busting his hand and giving you the win outright.

Soft Hand

Blackjack Redouble Rule Explained

Players sometimes encounter scenarios where they can redouble their bet. This is a special condition where you can double your bet on an existing double down bet.

The second double will cost the same as the opening bet amount and not the entire bet currently being waged. This is considered an aggressive strategy and should be used with caution.

Pro players typically use this type of aggression when the dealer is particularly weak on that round, and the player has a low risk of busting their hand.

When Should You Double Down Your Bet?

If you are deciding on whether to make this bet, use the following tips to guide you:

  • When your initial total from the first two cards is 11, and the dealer is dealt cards lower than six. It gives you a position of strength while the dealer is vulnerable.
  • When you have drawn a soft 16, 17, or 18 as you cannot bust your round.
  • When you draw a hard 10, and the dealer draws either four, five, or six. Once more, your position is much stronger than the dealer.
  • When your total score is a hard nine and the dealer draws four, five, or six. Again, this leaves the dealer weaker than your position.

These should not be taken as definite rules but should serve as a guide to assist your decision making.

Remember, it is not advised to make this bet in the following circumstances:

  • If the dealer draws an Ace as the up card. This severely weakens your position.
  • You haven’t seen the dealer’s up card. Always know what the dealer has drawn before committing to double down bets.
  • When your hand totals a score that is greater than 11. This situation is very risky as cards that score 10 are most likely to be drawn, which could result in you busting your round.

Common Double Down Blackjack FAQs

1. What Risks Are Involved In A Blackjack Double Down Bet?

Hard hand

Players who double down their bet are at risk of losing double their original bet amount if the dealer ends up with a stronger hand. The financial risk is great, and you must be careful not to deplete your cryptocurrency balance by getting too engaged in these bets and chasing lost causes. The art of doubling down is to understand when the appropriate time to use that option is.

2. Can I Double Down On A 21 Score?

This is not possible as the 21 score of your first two cards is a Blackjack. Once you have achieved this score, you automatically stand at that round. When playing at a top-rated crypto casino, the software will not allow you to make any decisions once you hit a 21.

3. Is It Necessary To Double Down A Bet On An 11 Score?

No, this bet is purely optional, and you can use your discretion when contemplating your next move. As powerful as an 11 total is of your first two cards, it could easily go pear-shaped if your third card is low.

If you draw 11 initially and the dealer draws an Ace, that must be a red flag, and you should never double down that type of bet. This is because the dealer has a strong statistical chance to get a 21.

4. Can I Double Down On A Score Of 10?

Yes, doing this on a 10 score of your initial draw is fairly popular at blackjack tables. This should be even more appropriate when the dealer has drawn a low up-card such as three, four, five, or six.

Although you may find patterns of 10 falling your way of the initial draw, it is not wise to double up on every instance, as the dealer is sure to find his way to a few blackjack scores at some stage.

Always bear in mind that the double down bet is optional, so use it when you are almost certain of success.

Double Down FAQs

5. Can I Get More Than One Card After Doubling Down?

No, unfortunately. Once you choose to play this bet, you are only permitted to receive one extra card.

6. Is It Wise To Double Down On A Hard 12?

No. It is not advisable to play this bet if your initial total is above 11. If that is the case, you stand a very strong chance of busting your hand.

7. Can I Double Down My Split Bet?

Yes, that is permitted in some variations of the game. Always make sure to read the rules at the table before you start your session.

Remember that doing this on split hands will entail doubling the original bet amount. As attractive as the winnings may be on a double down split hand, always consider if it’s worth losing those funds based on the cards dealt to you.

8. What Is A Discard After A Double Down?

Discard after a double down means that a player is allowed to throw out his cards after committing to the bet. In these instances, the house usually returns a portion of the total bet amount back to the player.

This option is particularly useful for players as they can exercise the double down option when they feel confident and limit their losses when their decision making has proved to be poor for that round.

That said, not many casinos offer this gameplay as it puts a player in a position of strength, which could work to the detriment of the casino.

The Bottom Line

A double down blackjack is a fantastic strategy to employ when looking to boost your bankroll. It must be used with caution, however, and must never be used to chase your losses. Good luck!