Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one of the most exciting trends in the blockchain. They got so hot in 2021 that Spotify paid tribute to their rise in the inaugural Spotify wrap. Will NFTs continue their strong performance in 2022? Their popularity is a testament to the power of blockchain technology. This technology disrupts finance, data storage, asset management, and even the arts, as is manifest from notable NFT auctions. 

Online gaming on BC.GAME is also gaining new ways of creating and trading in-game items. This utility creates more excitement for crypto gambling enthusiasts who can monetise their gaming experience. Brands such as Adidas are latching onto the bandwagon. The global clothing and shoe giant recently announced it would memorialise a collection of Adidas Originals as NFTs. Such is the significance of this wave. Facebook’s conceptualisation of the Metaverse has added dynamism and excitement to this budding sector. The latter part of 2021 was historic for NFT’s evolution. First, let’s understand their importance before considering how they will fare this year. 

NFTs in 2022: Changing The Concept of Ownership

Physical ownership of items has been a staple for millennia. Even though money underwent digitisation in the past few decades, assets have remained mainly physical. The most public form of NFTs are ones that encrypt artistic works. Designers and artists have innovative ways to assert ownership of their work. NFTs are valuable because they are traceable and impossible to counterfeit. Each NFT is unique from the next, and a purchaser can be sure that the NFT they own is the only one in existence. They are still controversial in some circles. The fact that anyone can create an NFT does not sit well with some people. Indeed, there is plenty of junk and redundant NFTs.

Nonetheless, the meaningful ones are getting significant traction. Nefarious activity has always been a part of crypto. However, it did not stop the march of Bitcoin and early cryptocurrencies, and the same should be true for NFTs and newer innovations.

NFT sales are now a part of many traditional design fairs and art auctions. They entered the mainstream in 2021 and continue garnering more industry influence. Various artists and music legends have sold pieces for tens of millions. Some would not otherwise generate these amounts if not for the notoriety of NFTs. This trend is a new frontier in the concept of ownership. For creators, it is an opportunity to gain significant control over their interests. 

Musicians, for example, have had to depend on record labels to conduct marketing and distribution. With popularity, they can bypass these industry gatekeepers and access their fans or investors directly. Designers can sell their creations directly to customers on platforms like OpenSea. NFTs offer both the buyer and the creator security of the asset. Both can assert their ownership to the entire world because any fraudulent NFT cannot have the same code as the original.  


Forecast for NFTs in 2022

The emergence of NFTs in the era of fast internet and near-universal access is a perfect storm. NFTs can represent anything digital and have a high ceiling as the world becomes more digitised. Their usage will undoubtedly continue to grow. In 2021, NFT sales went over the $2 billion mark. Accordingly, this figure is likely to more than double in 2022. Think of all the global fashion brands that could follow Adidas in this sector. Some tech companies will not want to let Facebook run the show in monetising the Metaverse. Not all these competitors will get on board this year.

Nonetheless, if a few enter an appearance, it will be massive. This tool’s beauty is that everyone can capitalise and create, provided they have value in their brand or creation. Naturally, there is some risk involved. The NFT sector will continue to face the risks common to all digital assets. Newer investors may fall victim to many scams riding on the popularity of NFTs.

Nonetheless, the broader determination of sophisticated creators and investors should carry the day. The future looked bright for NFTs in 2022. The Covid Pandemic has had an unfortunate human toll. Regardless, the positive side is that it has accelerated digitisation in all fields. This surge in digital spaces, digital ownership, and more digital products will likely continue. NFTs represent the nexus of these trends, which explains their popularity, especially with young people. This tool represents a life for artists who struggled without performing at the height of the Pandemic. Putting your work on the blockchain is a bold step, and many are reaping the dividends.  

Going Forward

 NFTs now have an elevated position in the blockchain commerce space. They are giving agency to creative developers and artists. In the gaming sector, they are a vital tool for democratising gaming items and storing vital documents, as BC.GAME did with its Curacao license. OpenSea is now just as important as mega crypto exchanges. This world of blockchain design is getting thousands of new enthusiasts every day. This platform has allowed creators to launch their collections with efficient ways of compensation. 

Buyers are sure of the authenticity of their favourite collections, and artists can get more than just nominal royalties for their work. Who knows, governments could even begin thinking of regulating this nascent sector. In the blockchain industry, there can be periods of stratospheric progression. 2022 could yet be one such year for crypto. Accordingly, what you see in NFTs could be the tip of the iceberg. Without a few rough edges, the industry is a vital showcase of blockchain innovation and disruption.