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Here at BC.Game, you will find various esports to bet on but also different sports betting options and payment methods to choose from. One of the top betting options on the site is Rocket League betting. Rocket League gambling may be overwhelming, especially for beginners. To help you get started, here’s a beginner’s guide to winning big when betting on Rocket League:

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a popular esports video game where players control battle cars to complete soccer-like objectives. To strike the ball and score, players utilise their battle cars to execute stunts, set off explosions, and activate boosts to drive faster.

The game features a competitive game mode that improves teamwork and smart plays. Rocket League was developed and released by Psyonix. It was initially released for Windows and PlayStation 4. But due to its success, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions were also released to the gaming community.

How popular is Rocket League?

Rocket League is an immensely popular esports game loved by various players worldwide. One of the reasons why the game is so popular is because Rocket League offer unique and fun game mechanics. 

Rocket League is simple to learn and fun to play, making it one of the most loved esports games with a large community. With its growing success, more people are showing interest in the game and engaging in Rocket League esports betting.

How does Rocket League esports work?

Since Rocket League is a part of the competitive gaming and betting world of esports, this entails that bettors can bet on Rocket League. Due to the game’s immense fame, the game features an esports tournament and championship series wherein the best teams and players compete. 

Fans can test their luck on Rocket League bets and support their top Rocket League teams. To help you bet on Rocket League tournaments, here are some more details you need to know:

  • Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) → This event starts with regional events. Each is held in 3 seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Then, an international major takes place. This event helps teams build points for the game’s World Championship.
  • Rocket League World Championship → This event is the biggest tournament Rocket League offers. The top teams in the world compete against one another in this season’s final event in the hopes of being hailed as the Rocket Leagues’ best players and teams of the season. 

To boost your betting experience, you must be familiar with the game’s rules and gameplay mechanics. RLCS betting can be done on reliable sites like BC.Game. On this site, you can find various markets and RLCS betting odds that cater to all your betting needs.

How to bet on Rocket League?

The popularity of Rocket League betting increases each year. At BC.Game, you’ll have access to various Rocket League odds and every betting market when you bet on Rocket League matches and any event using real money. When you place bets on the game and boost your Rocket League betting odds, you must know how many points each of the teams and players has. 

Earning points is how players level up and progress through player ranks. Each player can gain a point from various actions throughout the match. The higher points they have means, the more likely they are to win. When placing Rocket League bets, keeping track of the points each player and team can help you decide on the right bets to place.


Types of Rocket League bets

Rocket League betting comes with Rocket League odds and markets you need to know. Each market entails different predictions and outcomes. Knowing their differences can help you decide what type of bet benefits you the most. 

When it comes to Rocket League events, bettors can expect various markets to consider. Some of these are:

  • Match winner → This market entails betting on your predicted winner of a specific match. 
  • Map winners → This market means betting on the team to win the map. Betting on the victorious team on a certain map. If a map is forfeited or given to one player or team by walkover or default before the game starts, any wagers on that map will be nullified. The remaining team wins the round if a team surrenders during a map.
  • Handicap → In these wagers, bettors wager on the outcome of a round rather than focusing on the final score or the winner.
  • Total points over and under → For each match, online bookmakers have to predict a certain number of goals and wager on whether they think the actual number of goals will be higher or lower.
  • Total maps over and under → Bets are placed on the total number of goals scored by both teams on a certain map. If you don’t want to root for a specific team or have a strong sense of whether the match will be defensive or attacking, this Rocket League market is the best choice.
  • Odd/even maps → This means you are betting on whether the total number of maps will be odd or even.
  • Correct score → As the name suggests, this entails betting on the correct score of the game. This betting market is a lot more challenging to predict. 
  • Correct map score → Correct map score wagers take into account which team will win and how many points each team will score on a certain map.
  • Overall event winners → This market is one of the most common and easy to bet on. Overall event winners market means betting on the final winner of the entire event or tournament. 

BC.Game: Where to play Rocket League?

If you want to have the best time gambling on Rocket League, BC.Game is the best place to explore various betting odds and markets. The website also offers a bonus and various promotions that you can take advantage of to boost your chances of winning big. The site not only rewards its players with various perks but also guarantees the safety of their transactions for a hassle-free online betting experience.

The best Rocket League betting tips you need to know

Before having fun with Rocket League gambling, you must first understand how the game is played and know its rules before you wager. With this, you can increase your probability of wagering on the correct outright bet. You can also use bonuses you claim to bet more without overspending. Having a Rocket league strategy is crucial to reading some betting tips.

Although betting on Rocket League tournaments is all about luck, you can still use some effective tips and strategies that boost your betting skills and help you increase your winnings. With the right strategy, you will not only boost your odds but also help reduce your betting risks. 

To help you bet wisely, here are some top Rocket League betting tips that will boost your chances of winning:

  • Play the game → The fast and most effective way of learning Rocket League’s game mechanics and rules is to play it. Doing so will better understand the situations in-game, allowing you to place the correct bets wisely. 
  • Research the teams and players → Before placing bets, it’s crucial to know the game and its teams and players, much like the World Cup. Knowing how each team and players play will help you place your bets wisely and boost your chances of winning.

Get into Rocket League betting with BC.Game

If you want the best Rocket League betting experience, betting on BC.Game is the best choice! The site offers various Rocket League odds and markets you can take advantage of. BC.Game also features a variety of payment methods for hassle-free and fast transactions.


Learn more about Rocket League with these frequently asked questions:

Why is Rocket League the best esport?

Rocket League is the best esports because it features unique and exciting gameplay that both punters and players can enjoy. 

How to get into rocket league esports?

To bet on Rocket League esports, you must first choose a reliable betting site like BC.Game and create an account. Then, you can now deposit funds and start betting. 

How big is rocket league esports?

Rocket League esports is popular worldwide and boasts a large community of players and fans. 

What is the best rocket league esports team?

One of the best Rocket League teams is The General NRG.