There are a lot of interesting games you can find in an online casino, most of which are slot games. With their abundance and simple gameplay, some of their advantages, it is no longer surprising to know that many players are fond of them. 

Slot games are the most interesting to play because they can generate tremendous prizes with every spin. Aside from checking the game providers and the themes featured in each online casino, you should also take the time to read each game’s descriptions to know the factors that will affect your game results. Among those that you may often encounter are terms like volatility and RTP. 

What does slot machine volatility mean?

If you are wondering what does volatility mean in slots, they are known for predicting how often the game triggers a win and the amount you can win. Simply put, it indicates how often a slot triggers a win on its spins and the range of prizes you can win. This is often correlated to slot variance and hit rate. There are several levels of slot volatility, each of which says a lot about the game. Here’s what you have to learn more about them:

What is a high volatility slot machine?

Its high risk and high rewards characterise a high volatility slot game. You can say that they are one of the most challenging games you can play in your chosen online casino. 

Unlike other games, they can make you spend more money as their main objective is for you to earn enormous jackpot prizes. Most of the time, games that fall under this category will grant you rewarding bonus offers that will help you win bigger prizes. As you play your game, this will make you more eager to pay attention to the symbols on the pay lines and reels.

What is a medium volatility slot machine?

Slots with medium volatility are among the most played online and are distinguished by a balance of high and low payouts. Compared to a game with high volatility in slot machines, games with this volatility provide players with smaller but more frequent rewards. This particular level of game volatility is ideal if you wish to win high jackpots without spending much money.

What is a low volatility slot machine? 

Low volatility slot games are ideal for players who only want the thrill of a victory and aren’t worried about the outcome of big jackpot awards because any game that falls under this tends to pay out smaller amounts more quickly. This is the same reason why many newbie players prefer these. Aside from that, it is also important to remember that even though big jackpots are uncommon with low volatility slots, they can achieve them. 


Examples of high volatility games 

Now that you know what is volatility in slot machines, here are some games with high volatility slot machine games you can try: 

Danger High Voltage by Big Time Gaming 

This Mexican-themed game has several multiplier bonuses and gives you a chance to win a jackpot prize worth up to 100x your bet! The game also introduces two types of free spins called gates of Hell and High Voltage. 

Gorilla Gold Megaways 

One of the most fun megaway slot games to play, this is characterised by four separate tables, each having six reels. With 470,596 paylines on the screen, you’ll never run out of winning chances that can make you have a great time. 

Dead or Alive 2 by NetEnt 

This action-packed game will take you back to the Wild West, where you can enjoy prizes worth up to 111,111x of your bet. It also comes with a Buy bonus feature that diversifies your playing experience. 

Slot volatility chart: How to know if a game is volatile

When learning about what is slot volatility, it is essential to note the factors that can affect it. Keeping these in mind gives you a great idea of whether your chosen game has a high, medium, or low volatility, even without looking at a game’s pay table or description. Here are some of them: 

Signs of a highly volatile game Signs of a low volatile game 
Progressive jackpotsMore pay lines 
Special features and added bonusesStacked symbols (line pay format)
MultipliersLots of wilds
Stacked symbols (all ways pays)Smaller bet requirements
Mystery stacked symbolsLow paying features 
Feature bets Higher odds of winning 
Higher betting requirements 

What does RTP mean in slots? 

Aside from checking the software developer of your chosen game, another factor to consider is the game’s return to player percentage of RTP.

The amount you can win from particular games cannot be precisely predicted. Instead, you can only know how much you can win when you play a specific game several times. This is the reason why you always look at the slots RTP.

Many need to be aware of this before betting, which is why the RTP is displayed alongside its description. Therefore, it will be easier to estimate your predicted payout when you understand slot RTP’s meaning.

Upon understanding what does RTP mean in slots, you may also notice that online RTPs are greater than actual slot machines in real casinos. This is because online slots have RTPs as high as 99%, whereas land-based casinos only have RTPs of about 95%. Expect a better winning chance online, as a high RTP suggests they can win more when they increase the frequency of playing a particular title.

Where can you find the RTP on slot machines?

RTPs are always indicated in each game description. More often than not, it is also included in information tables that tell you about the software provider, the number of reels & paylines, and other vital details. Therefore, you won’t have difficulty figuring out how to to find RTP on slot machine.

In terms of computation, the RTP is determined by the average bets, rewards, and payouts. By being aware of these factors, you can select the games that give better winning odds. Despite these, you may still want to give a game with a low RTP a fair chance to be experienced. Even though they might not be lucrative in the long run, these games are worth your attention if you play for fun.


Popular slot games with high RTPs 

Upon knowing what is RTP in slots, here are some games that perfectly answer what a good RTP for slots that you should try is: 

Goblin’s Cave by Playtech 

RTP: 99.32%

This horror-themed game will transport you to a spooky den protected by a ghastly creature. Players can expect an eerie encounter filled with fun prizes as they spin the reels and hope to win the best prizes while being greeted by goblins.

The symbols are extremely valuable treasures like crowns, teapots, and rings in various colours to improve the prize-hunting experience. Several lantern symbols also play a vital part in unlocking a bonus round.

Mega Joker by NetEnt 

RTP: 99%

This classic slot has captivated the hearts of many gamers with how engaging it is. Though it may not have vibrant graphics like modern slots, this game somehow brings nostalgia to those who play it.

Mega Joker has a retro feel and has two playing options. Given that it is an old slot game, there are only a few bonus features that can be enjoyed, though it doesn’t make it less exciting.

1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick

RTP: 98.50% 

This slot game is well-known for taking players to the ocean’s depths, where monsters and treasures await. There are maps of unexplored islands where you might try your luck and see what you can find.

As a seafaring-themed game, players will see symbols like stars, suns, and moons that can be seen in the sky. There are also several other creatures, like octopi, lobsters, and a mermaid, which are the highest-paying symbol.

These are just some crucial facts you must know more about slot volatility meaning and RTPs. By understanding how they affect your winning chances, you can be wiser in choosing which games best suit your playing style! Winning in any of these games might also make you one of the biggest online slot winners in the world


How do you know the RTP on a slot machine?

A slot’s RTP is determined by its average bets, payout, and rewards. Considering those will give you an idea about a game’s RTP even without researching much. 

Is a slot machine with high volatility good to play?

Playing high volatility slots is fine, as they generate bigger prizes than other games. Still, you must be ready for the risk that comes with it since it might also lead to more enormous losses. 

How to compute the slot machine volatility?

Without researching a game’s volatility, you can know about it by checking its jackpot prizes. Other factors you may wish to keep an eye out for are bonus rounds, payout sizes, number of win ways, cascading reels, and several others. 

Where do you find the RTP on a slot machine? 

You can simply find this in a game’s description. Almost all sites include this game detail so you can set your expectations for a game.