It is the ultimate game of chance. From when you were a little kid with your friends to being in your high school probability class, the coin flip is the classic example of picking between two outcomes. BC.Game is bringing this simple yet potentially lucrative opportunity to its users.

Online crypto gambling is adding to this possibility. The beauty of crypto gambling is that you can wager with relative anonymity, which most enthusiasts relish. Additionally, the convenience of betting or gambling online adds extra allure. Gone are the days when most gaming activities happened in physical casinos that required enthusiasts to drive for miles or go to Vegas. Betting is fast and convenient in the smartphone era, with coin flip betting being one of the more unique markets. 

What is Coin Flipping?

what is coin flip

It is easy to think of the coin flip as a mundane affair. There could only be two outcomes, and the game has little sophistication. However, history is replete with coin tosses that determined events that made antiquity. One of the most famous coin tosses is the one between the Wright brothers on who would get to take the first flight in history. Wilbur Wright won the coin toss and beat his brother Orville, becoming the first man to take to the skies in an aeroplane. Therefore, the coin toss/flip remains crucial in modern life. In major events, it can be a betting opportunity for betting enthusiasts.

Today, a coin flip is the standard way of starting games in some sports. There are even digital game providers with coin-flipping games where bettors can predict the outcome of a coin toss. Accordingly, your simple coin flip has great depth in the modern world of online gambling. It could be a group of kids in your backyard tossing a coin to determine a simple game or the referee in a major sport with tens of millions of eyeballs watching to determine which side kicks off first.

Either way, it is one activity that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. The finality of a coin toss in picking sides will make it last for generations to come. In real life, some people have mastered the art of coin flip. They could tweak their thrust and have a desirable outcome at will. However, professional referees are vested in ensuring the game is fair. Online casinos that offer digital coin flip games must use provably fair algorithms. This way, bettors are sure that the algorithm is truly random and that the bet could go either way. Blockchain technology has provided a great template for online casinos to publish their algorithms for audit by the public. 


How to Play

For digital games, game software providers create different iterations of the coin flip game for their fans. A player selects flip/toss, and they toss the coin to see the result. The players utilize odds ranging around x 1.92 and attempt to predict the next coin toss correctly. For digital games, a player can rely on their bet history to develop a strategy depending on how their evaluation of the algorithm results show. Betting on live event coin flips is another ballgame.

One has to pick a side they expect to win the coin toss and place their money on the same. For instance, in the recent Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, you get to pick who you think will start the match. The bet can be made a day before the match but gets resolved in seconds. Therefore, it can be a bet alongside your other bets in the game.

Ultimately, betting on a coin flip is down to gut instinct. It does not call for much sophistication because it involves picking a side. Team form and the head-to-head record will have little impact on the outcome. In its way, it is an equalizer for betting enthusiasts. You can wager on a sport you don’t know the next thing about if there is a coin flip at the start.  

Placing Bets on Coin Flips, is there any value?

what is coin flip

There is a fun side to coin flips. However, one must appreciate the equal risk versus reward in wagering on a coin flip. For instance, a bet on the Superbowl coin flip has 50-50 odds. Your fortunes could go either way in an instant. Here, instincts matter, and you have to follow them. Betting on a coin flip is unlike any other bet in sports or live events. Bookmakers and betting platforms have their ways of structuring the bets, even though you would think the bet should have 2.0/2.0 odds for either outcome.

However, betting platforms use advanced algorithmic models to achieve the odds. Depending on the platform you use to wager, there is some margin on these bets. Betting on a coin flip is more black and white than other forms of betting. Your American football knowledge does not sway your likelihood of winning the Superbowl coin toss. Therefore, deciding to bet on a coin toss is down to you taking your chance. Who knows? You may get it right big-time and have your own Wilbur Wright moment.  

Why BC.Game Supports Coin Flip betting

BC.Game is a premier gaming platform that provides payment efficiency and an efficient interface. These traits bode well for any range of crypto gambling games and sports betting markets. Additionally, gamers can easily track their existing bets and know what they have outstanding if multiple bets are outstanding.

Coin flip betting is a very particular form of betting, and those who wager need the right platform to execute. Therefore, BC.Game is ideal for various coin-flip bets across multiple sports and events.