Blackjack is an extremely popular casino gambling game played at a table with cards. It is a game of skill that provides exhilarating entertainment with potentially lucrative outcomes. Understanding strategy in the game and using it effectively can be the difference between having a profitable streak or a poor run.

When looking for the best crypto casino, one of the first things that gamblers look for is the blackjack variations on offer. Different variations offer different house edges, which plays a big part in your success at the table.

Since blackjack is a game based purely on your decisions, there are several blackjack mistakes that you must avoid at all costs if you are to profit from your gameplay. Read as we discover what these are.

Eleven Blackjack Mistakes To Avoid In Your Gameplay

1. Be Aware Of The Rules

Every casino game has its own rules that you should view before playing that game. It is essential to take a moment to read and understand those rules before committing your funds to that game. The casino does not highlight unfavourable rules to their players and expects all players to read that game’s rules before starting their gambling session.

One rule that is usually displayed is if a natural pays out at 6-to-5 or 3-to-2. To explain this concept, these are your first two cards that are dealt out: an Ace and a 10-valued card. Choose a table that pays 3-to-2 on that combination as you earn a $15 win for a $10 bet, as opposed to 6-to-5 odds that only pay $12 on your $10 bet.

It is also essential to know what the minimum bet at the table is. Again, this information is readily available, so always check before placing your first bet.

2. Avoid Playing Without A Strategy

It is wise to learn and employ some strategies when playing blackjack. One of the players’ biggest blackjack mistakes is failing to have a plan to guide their gameplay. Some go into their gambling session relying on guesswork and emotions with the hope of striking it big. Regrettably, this rarely brings your success and may deplete your bankroll very quickly if you aren’t careful.

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3. Walk In With A Clear Mindset

Blackjack is a mathematical game that requires you to think when making decisions. Since it is dependent on an effective strategy, you must have a rational frame of mind to maximise your opportunities. Having a clear mind will help, especially with strategies like card counting, which requires immense concentration.

In light of this, don’t make the mistake of using mood-altering substances during your gameplay. This could cause you to make irrational decisions that ultimately affect your chances of winning.

4. Know When It Is Time To Stop

The key to being a successful player is knowing when to stop playing. When you find that you are turning in better profits for a prolonged period, you need to decide to walk away from that table with your profit intact. Many players fall into the trap of chasing even bigger profits, which usually works to their detriment. This can be described as greed as they choose to bet more in the hope of raking in more significant wins.

Gambling is unpredictable, and your previous results will not determine how successful your future gameplay will be. Since the casino has the house edge, you will likely lose your money the longer you can continue to bet. With that said, you must realise when it is time to stop and walk away with whatever profit you have accumulated.

5. Betting Progression Strategy isn’t a Guaranteed Win

Some players use a high-risk strategy that uses betting progression to score some big wins quickly. These players make one of the blackjack mistakes by not considering that the house edge will rarely change its course during your gambling session. At the same time, you continue to increase the size of your bets on each round. This is a recipe for disaster if you are on a continued poor streak and could potentially devastate your bankroll.

6. Keep Track Of The Cards On The Table

Apathy can lead to you making errors in playing if you are ignorant about tracking the cards that appear on the table. Ignoring the number of cards and the type of cards dealt is a massive mistake. By not noticing the proportion of small cards to big cards being dealt, you will not be able to place intelligent bets based on your observations.

It is always advisable to be as observant as possible during your gambling session to make calculated bets based on your excellent judgment.


7. Do Not Commit To Side Bets Too Often

Players can play a variety of side bets in blackjack using smaller bet sizes than their average one. Many players don’t realise that the house edge on side bets is much higher than when betting normally. Often, this may tempt players to play side bets as they don’t cost as much.

However, as far as blackjack mistakes go, this can lead to a downward spiral of continued losses. Since you are not spending as much on each side bet, your bankroll could get depleted without you realising it.

8. Stop Laying Blame On Others For Poor Gameplay

Your emotional state may lead to you blaming external sources like other players or the dealer when you lose money. This usually surfaces when you are experiencing a bad run and you let your emotions go haywire. In these circumstances, keeping a cool head and concentrating on your gameplay are vital.

The dealer and your fellow players have very little to do with the decisions you make of your own free will. It is essential to make wise choices based on your hand from the dealer. Go into your gameplay with an understanding of the rules for that particular table so that you can make informed decisions accordingly.

You can go a long way to avoiding such mistakes by studying some strategies and putting effort towards concentrating on your game. Once you have perfected the basics, you will soon realise that you can easily avoid most blackjack mistakes.

After that, your next step should be to identify patterns when you lose to apply your strategy effectively.

9. Calculate The Value of Aces Correctly

Aces can confuse some gamblers as they have two values at any given time: 1 and 11. Miscalculating these values during your gambling session is a big mistake that can deny you some profitable rounds. For example, if the dealer deals you an Ace and 6, your total will either be 7 or 17. Drawing a three will lead you to a total of 10 or 20.

At top-rated bitcoin casinos like BC.Game, the totals are automatically added and displayed on your game dashboard. In cases where you have a combination that contains an Ace and a number card, it is considered a soft hand as it has two different values. Experts will tell you to hit on a soft hand of 17 or less.

10. Be Wary Of Accepting Insurance

Seasoned players will always tell you not to use the insurance bet at the table. Players who have their backs against the wall for a specific round may take up an insurance bet option to preserve their wager in the event of a loss. This will only apply under specific conditions that entail the dealer drawing certain cards.

Dealers offer players insurance as a way for them to break even when the dealer is dealt a blackjack. You will only be paid the insurance bet if the dealer has indeed scored a blackjack on that round. If you land up with any other total, you will lose your insurance bet and still be obligated to play your original bet with the dealer having a solid hand.

Essentially you will be in the same disadvantaged position with fewer funds in your bankroll.

11. Steer Clear Of Copying The Dealer

Some players use a strategy of mirroring the dealers’ playing style, which is a big blackjack mistake that can prove detrimental. Dealers must follow the rules at that specific table and usually hit or stand on a soft 17. The dealer is obliged to stand on totals of 17 to 21 and hit on any total of 16 or less.

On the other hand, players have the advantage of splitting their bets and doubling down when the opportunity arises. These options are not available to the dealer, so you should leverage them to your advantage at the table.

Therefore, players must concentrate on their own game.

Final Thoughts

Your ultimate aim when playing blackjack is to win. Poor strategy, greed, and carelessness can be detrimental to your gambling session. Make sure to avoid these blackjack mistakes, and you will notice your results getting progressively better. Good luck!